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  1. p. beecher says:

    So much good can be done with a win. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  2. Areliss Rodriguez says:

    Pch everyday I’m playing your games and hoping to win! As a single young mom of three it would def. help my children and my mom and I! Good luck everyone. Thank u so much n hoping for this big opportunity, ;).

  3. DearPublishing Clearing House My name is Barbara I would love to Be a winner That will make me happy Thank you PCH For all the wonderful things You have done doing the years God bless all of your name my name is my first sex. And Good luck to all of us. PS hope to hear from you soon. Barbara brown

  4. DearPublishing Clearing House This is Barbara I would love to win millions To help out my family And finally Go on a vacation With my family It might might sound funny I always need to go to Disney World What my family That will make me happy Thank you PCH For the blessing you have gay people The Wonder Years You are number one in my book Thumbs up God bless all of you. And good luck to all of us. PS Hope to hear from you soon Barbara brown Nama 3080

  5. Good morning Publishers Clearing HouseI would love to mWhen. It will. Doesn’t matterHow much it mean It will help me On my family. Pay off bills When I will be. Moving to another home What you’re doing It is so wonderful Giving someone I knew Beginning And 2014. My number3080 I went to Say. Congratulations To all of you who Have win. Thank youPublishing Clearing House God bless all of you. Good luck To the left. PS Hope to hear from you soonPublishing Clearing House

  6. Frak Mdina says:

    Please make the winner I would love to win.

  7. Rose Sprinkle says:

    Hi PCH I hope you can make my dream come True !!! The coffee is on.

  8. Patricia Franklin says:

    PCH Prize Patrol please come and make me the next millionaire! I desperateiy
    need it! Thanks. PCH

  9. Hi PCH I’m Searching to try to find out how I can Win The Millionaire Making SuperPrize I would Think I’m at the right place Search&Win I would love to win. superPrize that would mean I can help more people I’m hoping and pray ing I’m the winner and I get to meet The Prize Patrol Soon they are welcome at my home .

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