9 thoughts on “Summer-Season”

  1. thersia woods says:

    Please let it be me

  2. Diane OBrien says:

    I am in need of a win from PCH due to my disability. I am heading for another surgery on July 16th and wish for prayers for a healthy and successful surgery. Money is needed for me and my husband and our dogs. I hope I can win one of these days with PCH.

  3. tesear harwn says:

    add your comment I wanted that I possess a happy birthday and rejoice like the others when they celebrate their birthday I wanted to Aamnh valuable prize to celebrate my birthdayhere

  4. tesear harwn says:

    add your cI want to Give Tips for non-exposure to the sun blazing and I also enjoy the quiet and beautiful summers away from the blazing sun I want the important instructions to to Aatard for sunburnomment here

  5. tesear harwn says:

    I want to win in order to help the poor and needy and Mark before them happiness and love of life and well-being in order Ahasso of being in this world and not in the grave Vlmalk wanted to give a cash prize to donate them and thank

  6. robert maldonado jr says:

    Hope i win my son want to help people , he`s 14yr. An i would do my best too ,an finally get that house we want an the person does win ,dont forget some people that do try

  7. Patricia Franklin says:

    Summertime and the living is easy, fish are jumping and the cotton is high!
    I love to sing this song during the summertime!!

  8. shelia sweeney hammac says:

    ii just need to win 😉

  9. Leah Alexis says:

    That just right temperature of a day, when it is not too hot, and not too cold.

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