PCH Prize Patrol Makes A SuperPrize Surprise in Gilman City, Missouri!


We’re so excited to introduce our latest big SuperPrize winner, Sherry Seltman! She was shocked to open her door on Sunday June 30th and find Dave Sayer and the Prize Patrol standing there with roses, balloons and a $1 Million Big Check!

Watch her happy winning moment here!

Don’t you love to hear good news for a change? We’re always so happy to deliver it to loyal fans like you! Especially when it’s about someone who really deserves it. Sherry told the Prize Patrol that she had been feeling “under the weather” lately and needed some cheering up. So her winning moment couldn’t have come at a better time!

BIG winnings in the SMALL town of Gilman City, Missouri!

You could say Sherry Seltman hails from a small town — population 383! Sherry and her husband are farmers and have farmed their whole lives. They grow soybeans, wheat and raise cattle on the farm and have 3 children. It just so happened that her daughter and two grandsons were visiting to share in the joy and excitement. It was truly an awesome occasion for all!

You can imagine Sherry’s surprise when she saw the PCH Prize Patrol on her front porch. And as soon as Dave Sayer revealed the $1 Million Big Check, she began to cry tears of joy. Then Dave asked Sherry: “Do you believe it?” and she replied, “No, I can’t”. More tears and hugs. Then Dave presented her with a real check for $25,000.00 to show Sherry that we were serious. That convinced everyone that this was “for real”, including Sherry’s husband, John, who came in from the fields to hear the good news.


We never know who the winner will be or where the Prize Patrol will end up next. So keep on searching on PCHSearch&Win no matter what. Before long the PCH Prize Patrol could knock on your door and announce: “You are a winner in the Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes”.

And who doesn’t love to win? We want all of you to experience the joy of being PCH winners. There are lots more prizes to be won — prizes worth hundreds, thousands and millions of dollars. In fact, the Prize Patrol will definitely hit the road on August 29th to award $5,000 A Week “Forever” to a lucky winner — no ifs, ands or buts! If you win, that’s $5,000 every single week for your life – plus after that, the payments would continue on for the life of someone you choose! So you’ll want to get in as many entries as possible.

Congratulations Sherry! We wish you —and all you blog readers out there — the very best.

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20 thoughts on “PCH Prize Patrol Makes A SuperPrize Surprise in Gilman City, Missouri!”

  1. says:

    Prayers Answered Natchitoches LA California Native

  2. Yes Dream Come True And Prayers Answered Natchitoches LA California Native Won Today Breaking News

  3. JOY says:


  4. tammy foore says:

    i want to be a millionare pch

  5. Valeria Anne Sanchez says:

    What is winner?
    Winner is not about themselves but about share what is to give.I hope day come to share to the world of all who seen the miracle of life.
    One day the winner will see the fact its never one person,winner is for everyone to share.
    I hope the winner come and soon. But,the dream a winner? WoW?
    Could it be me that would be nice

  6. otis tutt says:

    God bless her when will pch come to Baltimore MD!

  7. Jamie Sharb says:

    First I want to say Congratulations to Sherry Seltman on winning PCH Big Check of 1 million dollars. Thank you PCH for sharing Sherry’s winning moments on PCHTV so everyone could watch it too. I seen Sherry’s daughter and grandsons were with her when Dave Sayer announced Sherry a winner of Publishers Clearing House. That must have been great she had family there to join in the excitement. I have thought about how it must be to hear a knock at your door and go to answer thinking it was a neighbor kid to play with one of my boys or family coming to visit. Then when I reach the door and look out while opening my door and there stands Prize Patrol holding roses, balloons, and a big check. I hope my family is with me if this dream come true ever comes my way. I will continue to search, search, and search on PCHSearch&Win because Prize Patrol may come to my home next. I want to see Prize Patrol and meet them in person. I want to be a part of Publishers Clearing House Winners Circle. I want to win a Big Check from Publishers Clearing House so I can make a better life for my family and me. I feel very blessed with having what I have in my life. I have a husband that is understanding, caring and is always looking out for what is best for his family. And I have two boys that was sent from God to me and my husband. It makes my day to be able to wake up and the first thing I see is their little faces looking back at me. They have so much love in their hearts, smart, honest, funny, and my whole world. I want to win PCH Sweepstake #1830 $5,000 A Week Forever so we can do whatever our hearts desire. Make my families dreams a reality.

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