Kristin Cooke’s Making It Happen In Promotion Development!


Hello, searchers! I’d like to introduce you to Kristin Cooke, a very important person to the PCHSearch&Win team!  As the Contest Coordinator in our Promotion Development department, Kristin’s making it happen here at PCH!

If you enjoy entering the various PCH Sweepstakes at PCHSearch&Win, you can thank Kristin! A typical day for Kristin is spent setting up many of our incredible sweepstake opportunities, writing the rules and reviewing our email notices for accuracy. “There’s certainly never a dull moment,” she remarked.

A 13-year veteran of PCH, Kristin started out as a proofreader and then a quality control analyst. In 2007, she moved over to Promotion Development, and she’s been there ever since. (We’re so glad!) Kristin says, “Having a part in making someone’s day with a major prize or changing someone’s life with something like the SuperPrize® is what I like best about my job. It’s a great feeling.”

Plus, in her role behind the scenes at PCH, Kristin gets to see our thrilling sweepstakes opportunities come to life. “Working in Promotion Development, I can tell you that Publishers Clearing House is always coming up with exciting new ways to win. I can’t let the proverbial cat out of the bag at this point, but readers will be excited when they see what PCH has in store in the near future.”

When she’s not making it happen here at Publishers Clearing House, Kristin enjoys practicing yoga, spending time with her cat, Puck, and cheering on her favorite hockey team. Kristin also loves traveling. She’s had the opportunity to tour ancient Greek ruins and Viking ships, but one her most memorable trips was to Alaska. “I walked on a glacier, hiked though a rainforest and, while it’s not part of the 49th state, had the opportunity to canoe and horseback ride in a breathtaking part of the Yukon Territory. It’s a place I’d love to go back to and explore more of,” she exclaimed!

As you know, PCH employees and our families are not eligible to win PCH Prizes. But, it didn’t stop me from asking Kristin what she’d do if she won “Forever!” (We can dream, after all!) She answered, “I’d definitely make sure that family were taken care of, along with a few worthy charitable causes. I’d likely buy a home (or two); travel to all of the places I’ve been dying to go to. And, of course, since I mentioned one of my favorite things to do is cheer on my favorite hockey team, I’d probably spring for better seats.”

Wow! That sounds great! And while we’re not eligible to win, YOU are! Make sure you search at PCHSearch&Win every day for your chance to win “Forever” on August 29th!  Remember, that’s $5,000 a week for your life, plus after that, $5,000 a week for the life of someone you choose!

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Keep on “Searching&Winning!”

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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  1. says:

    Any recipient of this Notice who is assigned

  2. says:

    receive a SuperPrize of $5,OOO.OO A Week For Life

  3. RANDY HILTON says:

    Any recipient of this Notice who is assigned what turns out to be the matching WINNING Number from Giveaway No. 49OO will receive a SuperPrize of $5,OOO.OO A Week For Life from the Prize Patrol — but only if said number is registered on time! please register my winning number that’s generated through search and win . thank you please send me a confirmation of registered winning number RANDY HILTON

  4. cristina vertz says:

    I have been loyal n losing faith… I can’t work n just got engaged… we took in my abused friend n two young children… we probably going get our power turned off and have to move again… I’m trying to believe you guys are real I really am but there has bin NO sign of anything.. my future father in law just passed at 38yrs old n his wife is broke couldn’t even afford a headstone for the grave… my faith is gone the world is shutting us down n u can donate to a family like us.. sick just sick… idk why I’m still playing these fake games.. maybe its our last chance n little hope I have left I guess but its not games for me its dreams of helping family

  5. moises vasquez says:

    Pch is a dream killer it should really say only selective people win

  6. moises vasquez says:

    Okay I’m here to tell everyone that pch is nothing but lies and false advertizing on that everyone wins well that’s a full of. S%-* cause I know that I’ve won acouple prizes and I’ve had not. Received nothing but promises …. and. I done my. Homework and. People from. The. States of ohio ,idaho, win big by. Pch. Leading me on. I’m gonna make it my to do list. And. Expose pch as a. Big lier and. Don’t. Believe them. Cause of their false. Promises. I am. Now. In a world of hurt. Cause now I have to watch. My. Family suffer this christmas and go without celebrating the holidays ,,, so now I’m making it my persernal vendera to make sure what happen to me doesn’t happen to someone else and believe I will come on top to start luckly I save. All emails and wins that I received from pch , false advertizing company’s never last. And. I already. Found acouple defects on. Pch. Thanks. Pch for really hatting myself for believing that pch would change my life that. Only happens to. Middle class people ,,, cause I live in a ghetto. That. Is known. To. Be hard and. I know. That. I’m not gonna just stand back and watch my family suffer. I’m. Gonna take it to the streets to make my family smile. This holiday even if it costs my life I’m gonna do whatever it takes ,, u ask why is he taking it to the streets for one I. Have a bad leg that allows me not getting a normal job cause I got hit by a disel truck ,,,,,, I may not have money but at least I’m willing to do practically anything to make my family happy this holiday. Even. If it costs me everything.

  7. Rosemary Garcia says:

    Hello Kristen. I like to learn who’s all imvolve in the team of PCH. Have a nice Saturday.

  8. Barbara says:


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