Get In On The EGG-citement … with Edwin’s Hatch & Win Game!


Hi, my PCH buddies!

Guess “HOooo”?  Why it’s me, Edwin, your friendly lil’ PCH owl-pal! It’s getting lonesome up here in my treetop … so I’d really like you to come up and play with me.

I promise that you’ll have fun! And more than that – you could win some really cool instant prizes, too, like $100.00 CASH … or maybe AMEX or Amazon Gift Card to spend just the way you please. Know what we call them? EDWinnings! Pretty cute, huh?

You can come back to my treetop every day to play Edwin’s Hatch & Win Game on the  PCHSearch&Win Fan Page on Facebook. Yep, every day brings a new chance to win exciting instant prizes.

So don’t be a stranger … I have nice, comfy branches for relaxing … and as for refreshments, well … I’m not sure you’d like what we owls eat … so maybe you’d better bring a snack.

And while you’re here, you can share the Edwin’s Hatch & Win fun – and invite your friends to play, too – they’ll love it!


Are you feeling “Flirty” … “Silly …  or even “Sleepy”?  You won’t want to miss my “EdWinks,” an awesome way to share your mood for the day! Use my feathered face tell your story!


“But wait,” as they say in commercials, “There’s MORE!” Playing my Edwin’s Hatch & Win Game can get you chances to go for some REALLY big PCH Sweeps prizes, too! How big? Hooo-boy! Let’s just say this: you never know what exciting Sweeps opportunities will “hatch out” until you come up to my treetop and play!

So take the advice of a (very!) wise little owl … me, Edwin! Come and play with me every day at my Edwin’s Hatch & Win Game on the PCHSearch&Win Fan Page on Facebook. You’ll have fun … go for exciting instant cash prizes … and maybe even more!

HOoooo Loves Ya, Baby!



P.S.  Even MORE ways to play! Be sure to take a spin at the Lucky Loot Wheel on the PCH Fan Page on Facebook and pick your own numbers at PCHLottoLuck on the PCHLotto Fan Page. Two more cool ways to go for instant cash prizes, gift cards and more!


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