3 thoughts on “Forever__Prize”

  1. CONNIE TRAN says:

    You will have lots of people in this hdlg like.

    I have a question about TOKENS!!

    I love shop people, I better quiet

    Bye!! all of you and God Bless your heart!!


  2. CONNIE TRAN says:

    Hello Mr. Sayer, Sloane and Daniel:
    I wishes I really a winner on that day, I never have even small house to grow plants to eat I am so happy saw them grown on the soy and pots very nice. I can buy new appliances, see dentist, help my son money for doctor, help all of agency I’m using to help very little now I can raiser, blind veterans, lots their legs, USO, several, I don’t my income very little, I sorry for all of them.
    Mrs. H. Clinton wants donation $20,000. She thought I won on June 30th. Their family was President!
    The true is I’m sickness “Major mental illness” I hope people at PCH understand my situation, people who hate me that is big mistake, some they knew I’m nice woman come from Catholic School. I’ll have gifts for, ect…wait until I won!
    I gave a girl work at front lobby your address she

  3. I am having trouble using PCHSearch&Win.I have spent hours for the last three days. I did get through one day but did not get the $1,000 Cash prize. Today I am having trouble with my computer.
    I will continue all day after getting breakfast. Could you help me? James Valsame

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