Interview with PCHSearch&Win Graphic Designer Mike Downey!

Search&Win Graphic Design Work
Some of Mike Downey’s past work.

There’s a lot of things that go into making a fun and useful website. And in today’s Internet day and age, nothing is more important than good graphic design work! We here at PCHSearch&Win are blessed to have some of the greatest graphic designers in the business, and they turn out amazing work!

One of our best designers is Mike Downey. He’s worked for the PCHSearch&Win team for five years, and can always be depended upon! I decided to sit down with him to learn a little bit more about his job, and take a closer look at some of his work!

Matt: Hi Mike! Thanks so much for doing this interview! So, what is your job with PCHSearch&Win?

Mike: In a nutshell: I handle the graphics for the website and emails.

Matt: As you know I do mostly writing here at PCH, but I’m always in awe of people like you have serious art skills! Your stuff is so amazing!

Mike: Thanks!

Matt: What is your normal day like?

Mike: In addition to building content for the web, a normal day also involves working with the marketing department and collaborating with other designers on the PCH staff.

Graphic Design

Matt: As fun as I imagine working with art being, I’m sure you can feel some “brain freeze” every once in a while. It must be important to keep fresh and current with new ideas.  What sort of things do you look to for inspiration?

Mike: Design blogs, sweepstakes, and promotions from our classic PCH mailings.

Matt: I’m always telling people I know that PCHSearch&Win is one of the BEST ways to enter Publisher Clearing House sweepstakes, because you enter just by searching! How easy is that! In my free time, I love to search for entertainment news. What do you search for on the internet?

Mike: Tutorials on how to create different graphics in Photoshop, help with coding, and cats.  

PCHSearch&Win Graphic Design Work
More of Mike Downey’s past work – notice the cat!

Matt: That’s great! I’m sure there are a lot of cat lovers out there who agree that searching for cats is awesome!  Maybe we’ll hear from them in the comments below!

And lastly, what is the best part about working for PCHSearch&Win?

Mike: Working with a smart and creative team and being a part of something that makes so many people happy.

Thanks so much for your time today, Mike! We’ll all be on the look out for your cool, slick graphics!

It was great catching up with Mike and seeing his awesome handiwork! Keep your eyes peeled for more behind-the-scenes blog posts!

Matt K.
PCH Creative

P.S. What are some memorable cat pictures or videos you’ve seen on the Internet?

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