Add to Labor Day Festivities With Instant Win Prizes!

Labor Day

Hey Searchers!

There is something to celebrate today other than instant win prizes from PCHSearch&Win.  Today is Labor Day! When I was growing up, Labor Day was always a reminder that school would be starting soon, and my summer vacation would be coming to an end.  I recently realized that I didn’t know the true history behind Labor Day. So I did some searching on PCHSearch&Win and learned that Labor Day was first celebrated in 1882 in New York and is in honor of workers. Isn’t that awesome?

In admiration of all the hard workers in America, Labor Day became a nationally recognized holiday, meaning almost everyone gets a day off from work! Not only that, but Labor Day has become a popular day for BIG sales at all types of stores. So the day off from work gives you plenty of time to go shopping for all the great Labor Day sales! The more I learn about Labor Day, the more I think it’s starting to become my new favorite holiday!


And guess what! PCHSearch&Win has something that adds to the excitement of this already great day! Today is Prizefest — the day PCHSearch&Win announces the instant win prizes that we will be giving away all week!

This week’s instant prizes are…

Monday, September 2nd: Search now and you could win 1 of 15 CVS Gift Cards!

Tuesday, September 3rd: Never get lost again! Today a lucky searcher will win a GPS!

Wednesday, September 4th: Want to make some home improvements? A lucky searcher will win a $500 Home Depot Gift Card!

Thursday, September 5th: TWENTY $250 Cash Prizes will be awarded today!

Friday, September 6th: Search and you could win one of FIVE $100 Sports Authority Gift Cards!

Saturday, September 7th: $1,000 FAST CASH will be won by a lucky searcher today!

Sunday, September 8th: Today a lucky searcher will win a Dell Laptop!

A day off from work…great shopping opportunities, and instant win prizes from PCHSearch&Win — could Labor Day festivities possibly get any better than this? I don’t think so! So get searching now and enjoy your holiday!

Good luck!

Ashley N.
PCH Intern

P.S. I’m going to search for sales on a new pair of boots for fall. What are you going to search for?

29 thoughts on “Add to Labor Day Festivities With Instant Win Prizes!”

  1. gloria hammonds says:

    Happy Labor Day pch! Its great to be alive and play those wonderful games for tokens. thank you pch for the opportunity to win prizes and money while having fun.

  2. Leticia Bibo says:

    Leticia Bibo Said…
    Happy Labor Day PCH’s!!””!
    I can wait my dream come true same day at PCH

  3. Kanika Loeung says:

    I dream to win any prizes in some day.

  4. corazon says:

    I wanted to win PHG i hope im next.

  5. Michaela G. says:

    Thank you Ashley N. for all that great information on Labor Day!

    Well I love searching on PCH search and win for things I need or want to know more about, it’s a lot of fun!!!

    Just wanted wish every one at PCH a very Happy Labor Day!!!

  6. David Faas says:

    I would like to #Win one of the great Prize & I do enter.

    And I Wish everyone good luck!!!

    Regards,Mr.David Faas Duluth,Minnesota

  7. EMMA Magill says:

    i love to win big so ? i wish my dreams come true ? i pray to god lord merayca happy some how my wish is come true love to winer big wish come true think you staff n y

  8. Kanika Loeung says:

    I will shop on Labor Day!

  9. Kanika Loeung says:

    IO’ll shop in Labor Day. 🙂

  10. dariush maryamian says:


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