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Well searchers, it’s that time of the year again! Students across the country have started another school year, the hot and humid days of summer are slowly turning cooler and leaves will soon be changing colors! Even though I hate seeing the summer days fade away, fall is on its way!

Although it has been a few years since fall marked the beginning of school for me, I still get the “Back-To-School Bug” every time! Now each year, fall marks a “new beginning” that motivates me to want change something in my life.

So what’s on the top of this year’s list? My number one is to start exercising more and do my best to live a healthier lifestyle! Now don’t get me wrong, I love my sweets (cake pops are my favorite!), my terrible fried foods (extra spicy buffalo wings anyone?) and my snack attacks (I keep a huge bag of pretzel snaps in my desk drawer here at PCH), but it’s time to crack down!

So where to start first? Exercise! Growing up I was athletic and always playing soccer, softball, volleyball and running track. Fall is the PERFECT weather for running outdoors, but I wanted new ideas to keep me motivated. Of course I headed straight to PCHSearch&Win to search for some exercise classes in my area. I found a ton of helpful results that led me to a place not far from my apartment that offered Kickboxing, Yoga, Zumba and a full gym for a very low price! Perfect!

Now that I got such great results from PCHSearch&Win for exercise ideas, I also decided to look up some healthy recipes to whip up for weekday lunches! If I eat healthy all week, I can enjoy my sweets and terrible fried foods on the weekend without feeling guilty! The results were phenomenal! Who knew healthy foods could taste so good!

Ironically enough, PCH’s Annual Health & Wellness Fair took place not too long ago, and gave me an even bigger jump-start on my healthier lifestyle change! Vendors ranging from health insurance companies, to reflexology experts, acupuncture therapists and nutritionists took to the PCH campus to share their knowledge with us!

The health insurance vendors seemed to be a big hit with employees this year. I caught up with fellow PCHer Kaity C. who was busy checking out some brochures on various insurance options and wellness tips.

Online creative employee, Glenn G., chatted with a nutritionist about healthy food options and indulged in some delicious samples!

So what are YOU waiting for? Kick off fall right and log on to PCHSearch&Win for your own great healthier lifestyle ideas! Also, remember that with your first search of the day after signing in at PCHSearch&Win, you are entered to win the amazing PCH SuperPrize!

Happy Searching!

Victoria C.

PCH Creative

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    I love to eat health foods

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    My number one is to start exercising more

  4. I love this site, I love to eat health foods, send my health food magazines

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