You Can Become a Winner in PCHSearch&Win’s Prizefest!

Are you a bit strange? A little unusual? Dare I say … WEIRD?

Well, that’s perfectly all right, because according to my search on PCHSearch&Win, today is “Wonderful Weirdos Day.” I kid you not!

After all, nothing’s quite as dull as being normal, boring and average. Today’s the day for you to celebrate being weird, and celebrate the “weirdos” in your life. Wear a funny hat … walk backwards … or say hello in 20 different languages (find out how on PCHSearch&Win!)

There’s one thing that’s not at all weird today – and that’s the undeniable fact that you could become a winner of some amazing instant prizes this coming week just for searching. That’s right … it’s PCHSearch&Win’s Prizefest!

Here’s what’s in store for this week:

• Today 9/9: There will be ONE WINNER EVERY HOUR until 4:00 p.m. … and then ONE WINNER EVERY15 MINUTES for the rest of the day! Lucky searchers can win Amazon Gift Cards worth up to $20.00 or up to $100.00 in Cash!

• Tuesday 9/10: TEN searchers will win $25.00 in Cash!

• Wednesday 9/11: FIVE searchers will win $100.00 Ikea Gift Cards!

• Thursday 9/12: ONE lucky searcher will win a $500.00 Travelocity Gift Card!

• Friday 9/13: FIVE lucky searchers will win $100.00 Macy’s Gift Cards!

• Saturday 9/14: FIVE lucky searchers will win $100.00 Ebay Gift Cards!

• Sunday 9/15: ONE very lucky searcher will win a BIG $1,000.00 in Cash!

So, let the weirdness begin … with the help of PCHSearch&Win!Search for a weird recipe to make for dessert tonight (I’ve tried chocolate covered bacon and it’s great!) Search for today’s most unusual news stories. Search for the weirdest baby names ever (one of them is GoldenPalaceDotCom Silverman).

Happy Wonderful Weirdos Day … and “Gnihcraes Yppah” – that’s “Happy Searching” spelled backwards! (Sounds weird, doesn’t it?)

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Comment below, and tell us some of the weirdest things you’ve ever done – we can’t wait to hear from you!


43 thoughts on “You Can Become a Winner in PCHSearch&Win’s Prizefest!”

  1. Laverne Schuck
    May 25, 2017 at 12:50 am

    It has been a long sweepstakes and I know we are all hoping to win. If we are winners let’s thank God and use some of it to help less fortunate.

  2. Laverne Schuck
    May 24, 2017 at 11:40

    I would like to be a winner, I would also like to give to the Food Bank to help people in need, give to my church, help my children which will in turn help my grandchildren and great grandchildren. I am 88 and my husband is 90.

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