Start Your Day The PCHSearch&Win Way!


Good Morning PCHSearch&Win Fans!

How did you start off your day today? If you’re anything like me it probably involved hitting that snooze button once (or twice, or maybe three times?) and slowly dragging yourself out of bed to get ready for the day. Even though waking up is nowhere near the top of my list of favorite things to do, no matter how tired I am or how lazy I feel, I ALWAYS make sure to eat breakfast!

Actually, speaking of breakfast, did you know that September is National Breakfast Month! That’s right, a whole month dedicated to the importance of eating a hearty breakfast. Did anyone know that breakfast is actually the most important meal of the day? When I researched breakfast on PCHSearch&Win, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read that most people skip or forget breakfast entirely, sometimes everyday! I couldn’t imagine starting my day without a blueberry waffle, banana or oatmeal (just to name a few of my favorites)


So, what could eating breakfast and winning instant prizes have to do with each other? Well, breakfast is the best way to start your day, and since today is Monday, hopefully you started your DAY and WEEK off right with a good one. Here at PCHSearch&Win, we like to start the day (and week) off with a BRAND NEW lineup of instant prizes.

So, how about starting YOUR day off with some yummy breakfast AND a chance to INSTANTLY win prizes? Here are this week’s prizes that are up for grabs!

Monday, 9/16:  Add to your fall wardrobe, decorate your home or splurge on some fun fall accessories! Today we give away (10) $25 JCPenney Gift Cards!

Tuesday 9/17: What a TERRIFIC Tuesday! Today we have winners every 15 minutes for some cool cash prizes. We’ll give away:

• (10) $25 cash prize

• (5) $50 cash prizes

• (4) $75 cash prizes

• (4) $100 cash prizes

• (2) $250 cash prizes

• (1) $500 cash prize

Wednesday, 9/18:  A good book makes the perfect companion to sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful fall weather! Today, 10 lucky winners will receive an Amazon Kindle Fire!

Thursday 9/19: The leaves are changing colors, but you can keep some “extra green” by winning one of the cash prizes we’re giving away today!

Friday, 9/20: Back-to-School means books, books and more books! Today 25 lucky winners will win $20 Barnes & Noble Gift cards!

Saturday 9/21: Shop ‘til you drop! Today we’re awarding 5 lucky winners with a $100 HSN gift card!

Sunday, 9/22:  Get great deals on your favorite products! We’re giving away (5) $150 Overstock gift cards!

So PCH fans, start searching NOW and start your day “The PCHSearch&Win Way!”

Good Luck and Happy Searching!

Victoria C.

PCH Creative


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