Celebrate Oktoberfest—Win Instantly with PCHSearch&Win’s Prizefest

Prost, mein PCHSearch&Win Freunde


That means “Cheers, my PCHSearch&Win friends!”

Okay, I admit it … I just looked up that German phrase on PCHSearch&Win, the winning-est place to go for all your web searches!

It’s only September 23rd … but Germany’s famous Oktoberfest celebration is already in full swing. I’ve always wanted to see this amazing event – the world’s largest fair – for myself. With lots of music, dancing, food and “brewsky,” it’s attended by over six million people from around the globe!

But do you want to know what’s even more exciting than Oktoberfest here at PCHSearch&Win? It’s an event you can enjoy right now – no passport or plane tickets or lederhosen (leather shorts!) required.

Yes, liebchen, today is Prizefest! Today’s the day we announce all the instant prizes we’ll be giving away all week long!

Instant prizes all week?? We’ll toast to that!


What kinds of instant prizes are we giving away every day this week? Ach du lieber, just take a look:

Monday, September 23: Enjoy a game or show – we’re giving away five $50 StubHub gift cards!

Tuesday, September 24: Mangia bene! Ten instant winners will receive $25 Olive Garden gift cards!


Wednesday, September 25: Whoo-hoo! Today you could win $500 cash instantly!

Thursday, September 26: It’s a PCHSearch&Win “prize-a-thon” – we’re giving away cash or gift card prizes every hour – all day long!


Friday, September 27: Love those fantastic deals at overstock.com? Then start searching to go for one of the five $150 Overstock gift cards we’re giving away today!

Saturday, September 28: Could you use some extra cash? (I sure could!) Good … because there are ten $25 cash prizes up for grabs!

Sunday, September 29: The new fall fashions are awesome – so what better time for us to give away five $50 TJ Maxx gift cards!

Pretty cool prizes, huh? And to go for any of them, all you have to do is sign in and makeyour web searches right here at PCHSearch&Win! Those searches will have all the power of Google behind them – and you could become an instant winner any time you “surf”!

Maybe they should call it PCHSurf&Win!


So even if you can’t make it to Munich this week for Oktoberfest, make sure you don’t miss the boat. Log on to PCHSearch&Win, start searching and (who knows?) maybe you’ll even start winning!

Alles Gute (look that up on Search&Win!),

Marybeth H.
PCH Creative

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    I sure need to Win $1 Millon soon

  2. Jeri bandell says:

    I sure need to Win $1 Millon soon before I get to much older

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