Introducing The Newest Publishers Clearing House Winner!


For the past 25 years, the PCH Prize Patrol has surprised unsuspecting winners with life-changing prizes and helped make dreams come true for thousands of people! On September 18th they set out on the road to deliver a prize in honor of this 25th Anniversary, and the Big Check went to Virginia from Virginia! (Virginia Hall from Madison, Virginia!)

The Prize Patrol showed up to Virginia’s home with flowers, balloons and Big Check in hand! She answered quickly and upon opening the door, she immediately recognized the special guests anxiously standing at her front porch. Virginia was thrilled and in a state of complete shock and awe as the Prize Patrol stood holding the Big Check for $10,000 with her name on it! The former teacher’s assistant even claimed that she felt like she was dreaming! But of course, she wasn’t!


Virginia wanted to call everyone she could think of to share the good news! Hey, I can’t blame her, I would want to do the same thing! Prize Patrol member Dave Sayer even got on the phone himself to confirm the fantastic news with Virginia’s son and daughter!


So, now that our newest winner is $10,000 richer, how is she going to use her money? Well for starters, she wants to pay her oil bill for the wintertime, claiming, “This old house could sure use that money.”

So PCH fans, do YOU want to be the next big winner? Don’t forget to keep searching every day! Once logged in, your first search of the day automatically enters you for our big SuperPrize! Who knows…search and the Prize Patrol could be knocking at YOUR door next to announce you as the newest Publishers Clearing House winner!

Good Luck!

Victoria C.

PCH Creative

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