See Real PCH Winners In Our New “Set For Life” Commercials!

They’re shouting and laughing and crying and jumping up and down … and we just LOVE it!

Take a look at the “winning moment” commercials we’ve been showing on TV:


See? No actors could fake reactions like that – those are REAL PCH WINNERS! And commercials like these are one of the best ways to show the world that real people (like YOU!) really do win BIG prizes at Publishers Clearing House.

Hey, isn’t the one with our big winner LeRoy “I’m Set For Life!” Faulks Sr., a riot?



But seriously, it shows how winning a tremendous PCH lifetime prize can change your life overnight, letting you experience things you’ve only dreamed of doing!

Now how’d YOU like to be our next PCH “winning moment” TV star? Well, on November 26, it could really happen. That’s the day you could win our gigantic “Set For Life” prize, our biggest weekly lifetime prize ever offered. How big?

How about $7,000 A Week For Life!


As our big November 26th Prize winner, you’d have LOTS to celebrate just two days later – on Thanksgiving Day. Imagine, your loved ones gathered round the table toasting your good fortune – winning a $7,000 check each and every week – for life!

“$7, 000 A Week For Life? Maybe they’ll have filet mignon this year instead!”

Yes, on November 26th, you could open the door to see the Prize Patrol holding roses, balloons and, of course, the Big Check! And those cameras would be rolling, capturing the “winning moment” for our next round of exciting TV commercials.

But absolutely NONE of these wonderful moments can come true unless you enter right away. And we have a really easy way for you to do that, of course! Simply surf the web at PCHSearch&Win! That’s right, once you’re logged in, your first search of the day will automatically enter you for the PCH SuperPrize! So be sure to search every day, because any one of those entries could bring the Prize Patrol  to your door on November 26th.

So tell me something … if you opened the door on November 26th and saw that big $7,000 A Week For Life check, what would our video cameras capture? Would you jump up and down … laugh … cry … think it was a dream and close the door? We want to know!

‘Bye for now, my PCHSearch&Win pals!

MaryBeth H.
PCH Creative

P.S. Remember: If there’s no matching winning number, we will go to a second chance drawing for a big $1,000,000.00 award.  Either way, someone is going to win BIG on November 26th!

176 thoughts on “See Real PCH Winners In Our New “Set For Life” Commercials!”

  1. Lisa Essay says:

    I would love to win the set for life prize from pch in April and make a commercial, for people helping people!

  2. ould like to win $7000.00 A week for life set for life sweepstakes. And the $1000000.00 prize. God bless Publishers Clearing House For the chance to help another human in life a chance to live there dreams. Thanks
    Johnatan D. Alfred

  3. Bruce Pech says:

    I would love to be the next PCH Winner to do a “SET FOR LIFE” Commercial. God willing Thank you Bruce Pech

  4. Bruce Pech says:

    Yes, I would like to win $7000.00 A week for life set for life sweepstakes. And the $1000000.00 prize. God bless Publishers Clearing House For the chance to win. Thank you Bruce Pech

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