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(Venice Canals – Venice, Italy)

Hey Searchers!

Have you ever wanted to plan a vacation but don’t know where to start? If you answered yes, boy do I have the perfect solution for you! This past August I was fortunate enough to take a holiday to the beautiful continent of Europe! I visited France, Italy, and Amsterdam, and I absolutely loved every minute of it. Even though the trip was like something out of a movie, planning a vacation as elaborate as this one was no easy task. There’s a lot of preparation that goes into traveling to a different part of the world, including knowing the right places to stay and finding restaurants that will have your mouth watering days after you leave. Before I left for my vacation, I looked to none other than PCHSearch&Win to help guide me make easy travel plans.

What’s the first thing you need when planning a vacation? A plane ticket, of course! A plane ticket is usually the most costly item of the entire trip, so knowing where to find the most “bang for your buck” in an important step. To help me find the airline that wouldn’t leave my pockets empty, I searched for “inexpensive flights to Europe” on PCHSearch&Win.


PCHSearch&Win immediately brought up a result titled “Cheap Flights To Europe” from! Here, I found a cheap flight that got me where I needed to go for a price that didn’t put a damper on my budget! Thanks PCHSearch&Win!

Next item necessary for any successful trip is where to stay. Once again, I went to my trusty PCHSearch&Win tool bar and typed in “Affordable Hotels In Europe”. I was lucky enough to be directed to a great site called that gives you the best prices on hotels in Europe and right here in the United States!


Finally, my last (but certainly not least!) step was to find things to do once I got there! Upon searching, I came across! Tripadvisor is a great site that allows you to type in any destination in the whole world and discover the top attractions, restaurants, and hotels in that area accompanied by actual reviews from actual guests!


(The Leaning Tower Of Pisa – Pisa, Italy)

So you see, with the help of PCHSearch&Win, I was able to make easy travel plans for the vacation of my dreams, and you can too! Getting away has never been easier with this handy tool right at your fingertips. You want to know the really great part about all this? Log in and your first search of the day at PCHSearch&Win will automatically enter you to win the big PCH SuperPrize! What more could you ask for?


(Parisian Street – Paris, France)

Safe travels everyone…and happy searching!


(The Lock Bridge – Paris, France)

Christa P.
Creative Intern

P.S. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?

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  1. The trip is watering for me and my family. When the PCH Team visit the Rockaways.

  2. I would love to win April 29th

  3. says:

    I want to win all the PCHSuperprizes

  4. Yes I want to win all the PCHSuperprizes from Oct thru Dec 30,2015 it would be a blessing to be the winner of all the that applies tol the winning numbers I would be happy to take my family on a well over due trip my grandbabies would love DISNEY WORLD MY MOTHER WOULD LOVE TO SEE ISRAEL AND I WOULD LOVE TO GO TO VEGAS AND MOST OF ALL I WILL WELCOME THE PRIZE PATROL AND T.V. CAMERA STAFF COMING TO MY HOUSE TO PRESENT ME WITH A BIG CHECK ROSES AND MY FORD F150

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  7. Well well I would like to say please let anyone out there on PCH yes indeed I would love to travel to see some parts of the world and then way most of all I would love to win 4900 and 6079A. If I do win it,it would be a great blessing for me and my children and my emedient family and church. Thank you very much PCH

  8. Dear Publishers Clearing House My name is Barbara brown I would love to be the ones when a dream vacationA 15,000Dollar Dream vacation That would be a good thing for me I haven’t been on a vacation 29 years That’s a long time Somewhere to go and relax Enjoy life That would be a blessing Thank You PCHForgive me this chance To become a winnerI give you thumbs up. Good luck to Alex and still waiting PS hope to hear from you soon Your friend Barbara Number 3080. God bless us all

  9. Lois Hussey says:

    I would go to Florida right now to see my ailing 86 year old Aunt,but unfortunately for me the only place I travel to is the supermarket these days..I’m ready to WIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I would like to take a long trip with my family

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