Stay In Shape This Season With PCHSearch&Win!

The days are getting shorter, the jackets and boots have been broken out and winter is on its way. I don’t know about you, but winter makes me want to hibernate! Everything about the biting cold air makes me want to forever stay on my couch with some hot coco, blankets and my favorite fuzzy, oversized slippers!

While hiding out all winter sounds great, the best way to kick those winter blues is to stay in shape and keep on track with your regular exercise routine! So PCH fans, it’s time to get up and get moving!


I know what you’re thinking, who really wants to brave the cold, dry air and make their way to the gym? I completely feel the same way, which is why I took to PCHSearch&Win for some fresh workout and healthy eating ideas! My results were phenomenal!

What did I find? Well for starters, I found a ton of great suggestions for some fitness DVDs that required only a yoga mat and some good ‘ole motivation! A few sites even had some simple moves and stretches that could be done right in the comfort of my own apartment!

I was so excited with these results that I kept searching for more. My favorite was suggestions for fun winter sports like ice skating, sledding and snowboarding!

Also, since the holidays are right around the corner, the healthy winter meal ideas I found on PCHSearch&Win sound amazing!  All that food, delicious drinks and family fun over the holiday season can sure make you tired and sluggish! Never mind the guilt you may feel when you take that second (or third!) piece of delicious homemade dessert!


Now with the mouthwatering recipes I found like “Spaghetti with Turkey Chili” and “Slow Cooker Red Beans With Rice” I won’t feel guilty pigging out for the holidays. Looks like eating healthy this winter just got a whole lot easier and tastier!

So PCH fans, what are your plans for staying fit this winter? Head over to PCHSearch&Win for some great ideas just like the ones I found! The best part is that once you’re logged in and searching for all these amazing ideas, you can INSTANTLY win some fantastic prizes!

Happy Searching!

Victoria C.

PCH Creative

17 thoughts on “Stay In Shape This Season With PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. says:

    i ont win i feel like i was going to be next

  2. says:

    .i was going to say about the surveys i get from u all im homeless

  3. timothy j. ruelas says:

    I ove you guys @pchsearch&win but please dont tell me something that’s not going to ever happen because i get over excited & disapointed when i ont win i feel like i was going to be next & its someone els 25yrs of let downs ry but thats ok ill keep my mind posative about me& work i dont have very many friends & most of them are wemon men are pigs they only see one thing in wemon so i tell all my friends im a lezbeann & we laugh god bless im sry im homeless & the gov.screwed my life up i cant even get a drivers lic.thats sad & im tired of it screw the gov.they got this comeing

  4. timothy j. ruelas says:

    Hi all t pchsearch&win well i had saved up 3,000. Dollars to get a place to rent & well one of my daughters was evicted and she has 2boys so dad made her keep a posative adatude & start doing her homework & find a place so she did & 2 day’s later she got a place & she needed $775.00 to move in so daddy to the rescue so i got her a new phone & of course i pay the phone bill so it dont keep getting turned off i sent her $780.instaed & i told her happy birthday mija….her birthday is nov.29th so she was happy with that im still on the porch but i have 2,000 & saveing ill get something soon dont plane on being on this couch much longer if i can help it…..i was going to say about the surveys i get from u all im homeless & im dworken under the table so its kinda hard to answer those surveys & i get upset because if childsuport did’nt ruin my life i would have an answer to those surveys but i dont & i feel ashamed because i kn it wont help me win something ill probably never see happening & ill never get to build my dreams there gd dreams that wont come true no matter what happens in my life ill keep on fighting for my rights its just not far that the gov.can take without no moral thoughts its sad that people get so greety i owe 13,000 & now there trying to say i owe them 50,000 dollars there so screwed im going to make it knone to them for not doing there job when they took my kids & parental rights from me & still made my life hell sry im just saying how i feel

  5. patricia canteen says:

    Patricis canteen Oct 25. I final got on. What a joy. I’ve been trying for I don’t know how many days now, I hope this is asign that I may become a winner in your. Nov 26 drawing. I’m downon my luck having a rough time this would be a true blessing from God. Thank you patricia canteen


  7. Kanika Loeung says:

    I am so hungry to become a winner so I keep playing every single day.

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