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Hey Searchers!

I want to start off by wishing everyone a very happy Monday! We all know that Mondays aren’t usually everyone’s favorite day. For me, even Sundays are upsetting because I know Monday is just around the corner! Although most Mondays are completely mundane, I am actually looking forward to today! Why’s that you ask? Well searchers, today, Monday, December 16th happens to be CHOCOLATE COVERED ANYTHING DAY! If this doesn’t immediately put a smile on your face, I don’t know what will.

Since I myself just discovered there was a Chocolate Covered Anything Day, I decided to go to PCHSearch&Win to see what information I could find out about this joyous holiday. Thanks to PCHSearch&Win, I was able to find a website that explained exactly what this day was all about! Apparently, Chocolate Covered Anything Day is an opportunity to top everything you eat with wonderful chocolate. From breakfast, to lunch, and even dinner, this holiday encourages you to indulge your sweet tooth to the max! One of the recipes mentioned in this article is beef tenderloin covered in rosemary, chocolate, and wine sauce. I don’t know how daring you want to be on Chocolate Covered Anything Day, but just in case you want to live on the edge, here is a recipe for chocolate covered beef tenderloin!

While chocolate covered food is fresh in your mind, now is a great time to use PCHSearch&Win to look up some other fun chocolate recipes that you can share with your family and friends! Did I mention that while you’re searching for recipes, you’ll also be entered to win some awesome instant prizes (just make sure you’re logged in!) That’s right! Without further ado…here are the prizes that you’ll be searching for this week!

Monday, December 16th: ONE lucky searcher will have the opportunity to get away this holiday season with a $500 Travelocity Gift Card!

Tuesday, December 17th: TEN searchers will be able to take advantage of all of those great holiday deals with $25 JCPenney Gift Cards!

Wednesday, December 18th: From amazing Gift Cards, to a Dell Laptop, to cold hard Ca$H, we’ll be giving away different prizes all day long!

Thursday, December 19th: FIVE winners will stock up with $150 Overstock Gift Cards!

Friday, December 20th: 25 lucky bookworms will get their read on with $20 Barnes & Noble Gift Cards!

Saturday, December 21st: Get those phones ready! FIVE lucky searchers will be able to indulge in home shopping goodness with $100 HSN Gift Cards!

Sunday, December 22nd: WOW! Be sure to search today because TEN searchers will win Amazon Kindle Fires!

There you have it searchers! Those prizes truly sound amazing, so make sure you search all week for your chance to get in on the winning! Remember, this Monday is Chocolate Covered Anything Day, so take this opportunity to indulge in some of your favorite chocolate treats!

Happy Searching!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

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  1. Joe Salinas says:

    Searchi ng for that lucky moment in time to one day tell my family ,I will be able to take care of all our problems.

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