PCHers Look Back at Their Holiday Traditions

A Happy Holiday Hello, Searchers!

It’s “the most wonderful time of the year” here at PCH, and with the holidays fast approaching, I thought I’d explore some of the special and unique holiday traditions my fellow PCHers have enjoyed throughout the years.

Amanda C.’s memory is so cozy it gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling just telling you about it:
Every year since I was a little girl,” she relates, “my brother, sister and I crawl into bed with my mom and read the holiday book Santa’s Mouse. We even take turns reading certain pages. It’s our little family tradition, we’ve never missed a year, and I love it.”


PCHer Sally S.’s tradition involves that merry old gent, Santa Claus: She explains, “Our children’s’ gifts were loaded into his large sack at the North Pole and were deposited under our Christmas tree without being wrapped.  Our children were wide eyed and so excited when they came down the stairs and saw all the toys displayed at once.  This was a tradition passed down from my childhood.”

 SW_12_20_SantaWith Sack

Matt K.’s tradition also includes Santa: “Every Christmas Eve, my parents drove my little brother and me over to our grandparents’ house for a surprise visit from Santa Claus! My brother and I never questioned why we had to hide in my mom’s old bedroom when we heard Santa enter the house, or why Santa sounded a lot like my grandpa when he talked to my dad about us – we were too excited about getting presents to care!”

Carol W. and Jane M. both share traditions involving food. Carol tells us, “For Christmas Eve Dinner, we follow the ‘Italian’ tradition of cooking 7 fishes on Christmas Eve – starting with shrimp cocktail and baccala (codfish) salad, then stuffed baked clams with anchovies, followed by zuppa di pesci (seafood stew) which contains mussels, calamari, more shrimp and clams over linguine, then baked lobster stuffed with crabmeat!” (Yum, Carol, can I come over to your house?)

Jane M. adds, “My three sisters and I would decorate the cutout butter cookies mom baked. We would dye the icing different colors, frost the cookies, and then go to work adding sprinkles, maybe a ‘red hot’ candy on Rudolph’s nose, or some silver ball candies on the Christmas trees. Mom sure was smart to cover the kitchen table with old newspapers before we started!”


MaryBeth H. had a unique holiday tradition while growing up. She says, “At Christmas-time, my aunts in Brooklyn would display a little stuffed-toy kitten with one eye missing. It was originally the plaything of my eldest brother, Patrick. Every year, my aunt would dress it in a different ‘themed’ outfit (cowboy, biker, etc.). The missing eye was replaced with a rhinestone button.”

Laurel U.’s family’s holiday celebration was more traditional: “Since my parents both worked real hard all year, our Christmas tradition was really just about being together.  I remember driving to my Aunt’s house for the big Christmas Eve celebration – singing holiday songs with my sister in the back seat – and anticipating the first glimpse of her beautiful Christmas tree.  It was a moment I looked forward to all year.”


I have a tradition I enjoy a lot. I love to travel and I’ve made friends all over the world. So, when the holidays arrive, my friends and I exchange wall calendars. I send them calendars filled with photos of beautiful American landscapes, and they send me calendars with photos of their countries, like Australia and Scotland. We all get to enjoy a special gift that lasts all year long!

Holiday traditions are fun, aren’t they? And, since this is a PCHSearch&Win blog, I’d like to tell you how you can start a new holiday tradition at your home AND win some amazing prizes! By visiting PCHSearch&Win! Because with your first search of the day, after logging in, you’ll be entered to win the incredible PCH SuperPrize. Imagine all the new traditions you could start with all that dough!

Why not search for some scrumptious cookie recipes and begin a fun holiday baking tradition, like at Jane’s house? Or, search for the lyrics to holiday carols and start singing, like Laurel used to do? Or, maybe take a cue from my tradition of a calendar exchange, and search online retailers for a beautiful calendar to send to a friend who lives far away?

Whatever tradition you start, may it warm your heart and the hearts of those you love for years to come, and provide beloved memories that last a lifetime.

With best wishes for a Happy Holiday Season!

Debbie K.

PCH Creative

P.S. What holiday traditions do you have at your home? Comment below – we’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Kristi Burkhalter says:

    Happy holidays i hope every one has a great Christmas this year

  2. says:

    On the night before Christmas Day

  3. says:

    we would go to the kitchen , and begin cooking for the big day

  4. Carla Michelle Antee says:

    Merry. Christmas

  5. PaulaHoule says:

    ‘merry christmas’:’p.c.h.’

  6. sarah rice says:

    On the night before Christmas Day , we would go to the kitchen , and begin cooking for the big day , family members would drop by and bring the foods that are to bring what were ask to do. Then we would laugh and talk about my family that has passed, my brothers and sisters, my children that has passed pull out pictures and talk. Then we would pray and go to sleep. My Christmas wish is the world would get right and we have peace here on Earth.

  7. sandra page says:

    One holiday tridition at my house frowning up was all the adults and older kids got to stay up until 12: 00pm to open their gifts.And it was triditinal to leave some desert’s on the table for Santa.

  8. PaulaHoule says:

    ‘777’where in the world’s my ‘pch@superprize’ emails none ‘7’ days/send?’PaulaHoule:meanolpaulaldy@comcast.net

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