A Wonderful Winter Wonderland Of Winning!


Hi Searchers!

‘Tis the season for holiday parties, home cooked meals, and most importantly, spending time with your family. I can’t believe we’re just two days away from Christmas! I feel like the holiday season snuck up on us once again! While there is so much to do with just two days left till one of America’s most favorite holidays, it is important that we take time out of our busy schedules to celebrate a very unique holiday that many people might not know of…Roots Day! I’m sure a lot of you are wondering what in the world Roots Day is because I myself am just discovering what this day means. Well searchers, like I do with everything I want to learn more about, I looked it up on PCHSearch&Win! According to a great website I found using PCHSearch&Win, I discovered that Roots Day is a holiday meant to give you the chance to sit down with your relatives and discuss your family roots!


Personally, I love hearing old family stories from back in the day. It’s important to learn about your past because who you were truly shapes who you are today. If you actually give this holiday a shot, I really think that you’ll find out some really interesting things about your family that you may not have known before! Apart from finding out some interesting things, you’ll also be bonding, making this a win-win for everyone involved.

One of the cool activities that this article recommends is making a family tree. The last time I made a family tree was for a school assignment, but I remember that it taught me SO many things about what makes me, me. One cool website that is great for creating family trees that I found thanks to PCHSearch&Win is MyHeritage. Not only do you get a chance to learn cool things about your family, but it’s also 100% FREE!

I hope you all make it a point to learn something new about your family today. Hopefully Roots Day will become a tradition in your house every holiday season! While you’re searching the internet for interesting facts about your family on PCHSearch&Win, you can also win AMAZING instant prizes (just make sure you’re logged in!) Here’s a look at the prizes you’ll be searching for this week…

Monday, December 23rd: FIVE lucky searchers will earn a night on the town with $50 Stubhub Gift Cards!

Tuesday, December 24th: (Merry Christmas Eve!) The winning is HUGE today! VERY lucky searchers will win a $500 Apple Gift Card, a $500 Travelocity Gift Card, $500 CA$H, a 46″ LED HDTV, a $500 Home Depot Gift Card, FIVE $100 American Express Gift Cards, FIVE $100 iTunes Gift Cards, and finally, $1,000 CA$H!

Wednesday, December 25th (MERRY CHRISTMAS!): TEN lucky searchers will receive $25 Olive Garden Gift Cards! MAMA MIA!

Thursday, December 26th: TEN searchers will earn $50 CA$H!

Friday, December 27th: FIVE winners will be able to get everything they didn’t get from Santa with $150 Overstock Gift Cards!

Saturday, December 28th: CA$H prizes are being given away all day!

Sunday, December 29th: ONE very lucky searcher will get some help for holiday bills with $500 CA$H!


To all the searchers out there, I urge you to log onto PCHSearch&Win every single day this week and enter to win all these amazing instant prizes! You’ll be glad you did!

Happy Holidays and Happy Searching!

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Creative Intern

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