Publishers Clearing House Had Big Sweepstakes Winners All Year!


As the end of another year approaches, it’s time to look back on some of the highlights of and to share “a few of our favorite things” with you. It’s amazing to think about how many winning moments were celebrated, and how many lives were touched in some very meaningful ways!

First of all, here’s an amazing fact. As of 12/11/13 Publishers Clearing House has awarded $15,339,776.17 worth of prizes to lucky winners this year alone. Wow! That’s a lot of happy surprises for our loyal fans! And we couldn’t be prouder of the job we’ve done, with all the hard work it takes to deliver on our promise of making dreams come true for our lucky Sweepstakes winners.

That includes 5 SuperPrize Awards (including a big $5,000.00 A Week “Forever” prize)! 

SW_12_27_$5,000 A Week Forever' Prize Winner

Can you guess how many winners we’ve awarded prizes to in 2013? You may be surprised at how it all adds up when you count all of the incredible instant cash winners, merchandise winners and other giveaway winners throughout the year. Give up? The grand total is a whopping 45,036 winners of prizes from PCH in 2013! (And that was as of 12/11/13 — it keeps growing every day!)

2013 SuperPrize Winners

Let’s start with our lucky SuperPrize winners. One of our favorite touching moments was when Prize Patrol Member Danielle Lam surprised Elise Gutierrez on February 28th with a big $1 Million check. Danielle says, “Not long before the Prize Patrol showed up at her door, her house was wrecked by Hurricane Isaac. The water in her home was so high that there were minnows and snakes swimming around in her living room! I was so happy that we helped her recover from that tragedy.”

 SW_12_27_$1 Million Winner

Then who could forget retiree Glenda Dancy from Statesville, North Carolina, who, along with her husband Archie, has raised a large family of children and grandchildren? Their $1 Million winnings on April 30th couldn’t have gone to a more deserving couple!

SW_12_27_$1 Million Dollar Winner

Then it was on to Gilman City, MO to surprise Sherry Seltman with $1 Million. She broke down in tears when she received her big check on June 30th. And then there was Connie Kiesser from Mountain Home, Idaho on November 30th. Connie’s winnings couldn’t have come at a better time. She had to stop working as a truck driver after a massive heart attack a few years ago, and her husband and son were also out of work.

And last, but certainly not least, was our August 29th “Forever” prize winner Michael Miller from Moro, IL. He won $5,000 A Week for his entire lifetime, plus after that, he gets to choose one person to receive $5,000 a week for their life!

Making dreams come true for charities too!
Just a few weeks ago, Publishers Clearing House ran our third annual Give Back charity campaign. Based on your votes on our PCH Fan Page on Facebook, in just weeks, Prize Patrol deputies will be delivering a $50,000 Big Check to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, a $35,000 Big Check to the ASCPA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) and a $25,000 Big Check to The USO (United Service Organizations). The Publishers Clearing House Give Back program is just one of the many ways we give back to the community.

Prize Patrol Game Show Appearances

And the elite members of our PCH Prize Patrol have become TV celebrities in their own right, with appearances on both “The Price Is Right” and “Let’s Make A Deal”! Lots of exciting prize money was given away to surprised audience members, and they had a blast doing it! Check out Danielle Lam spinning the wheel below!

 SW_12_27_Danielle Lam on The Price Is Right

It’s hard to know when to stop! It has been such an incredible year. I’ll just briefly mention that we’ve awarded lots of big Sweepstakes prizes ranging from $10,000 to $25,000 to lucky winners as well, including Michelle Curtis, Virginia Hall and Brandon King.

Not to mention all of those daily Sweepstakes prizes we give away right here at PCHSearch&Win — and don’t forget about PCHlotto and PCHgames too! Now you can see how it all really does add up, and quickly!

It’s been fun taking the time to look back and share some of our most rewarding memories with our loyal searchers out there. Who knows what next year holds in store?

It could bring a visit from the Prize Patrol to your door, so keep on searching for your chance to win!

Jane M.

Creative Dept.

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