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Hey Searchers!

I want to kick off this PCHSearch&Win Prizefest by wishing you a very happy MONDAY! Can you believe we’re almost into the month of February already? I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately, such as what I can do to improve my life this year. That’s when my trusty helper, PCHSearch&Win, came to the rescue and helped me think of ways “how I could easily improve my life” during this New Year!

When I typed “Simple Ways To Improve Your Life” into the PCHSearch&Win search bar, the amount of helpful results that came up was AMAZING! There were some results that were just too good NOT to click on…and too good NOT to share with you today!

1) Ditch The Heavy Accessories!

The first result I found was from Reader’s Digest. According to the article, one of the ways you can easily improve your life is to stop carrying such heavy purses and wallets! Apparently, carrying a bag or wallet that’s too heavy (10 lbs or more) can seriously mess up your back and cause pain and discomfort, even when you’re not carrying the items! Reader’s Digest suggests cleaning out your wallet or bag and reevaluating what you really need to be carrying! (Your back will thank you!)

2) Drink More Water!

Drink Water

Another helpful tip that I found thanks to PCHSearch&Win is also from Reader’s Digest. This time, it has to do with how much water we consume! According to the article, being just 2% under-hydrated can make you feel and act older that your true age. Everyone should always drink AT LEAST 8 glasses of water daily  to promote a sharper mind, smoother skin, fluid movement, and all around better health! Drinking water is a super easy and super cheap way that you can drastically improve your life and body.


Be Happy

My PCHSearch&Win search also brought up a site called WikiHow. There were quite a few things on this list, but the one that stood out to me the most was “Extend Your Positive Vibes To Everyone You Know”. It’s a fact that people like people who are happy. If you make a conscious effort to have a good attitude towards the people around you, odds are you will make others happy, too!

Now that you have some helpful tips on how to make your new year your best one yet, let me improve your life a little more! Here are the instant prizes you can win this week! (Just make sure you’re logged in before searching!)

Monday, January 27th: FIVE lucky searchers will land awesome $150 Gift Cards!

Tuesday, January 28th: Today there will be CASH ALL DAY LONG with a total of TEN $25 Cash Prizes!

Wednesday, January 29th: ONE lucky winner will receive $500 CA$H to help with those holiday bills!

Thursday, January 30th: TODAY there will be a winner every hour! Keep searching ALL DAY LONG!

Friday, January 31st: FIVE searchers will win $50 TJ Maxx Gift Cards to get their shop on!

Saturday, February 1st: ONE winner will be able to navigate the open road with a brand new GPS!

Sunday, February 2nd: ONE very lucky searcher will land $500 CA$H to pay those pesky bills!

There you have it, folks! Those are some FANTASTIC instant prizes that could surely improve your life this year! So remember, for all your searching needs, turn to PCHSearch&Win!

Happy Searching!

Christa P.
Creative Intern

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    Wow,another opportunity to win prizes all day today! I have not won any prizes yet,so this will be a great chance for me ,i am really ready to lift my Spring Spirit!

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