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Greetings, Searchers!

SW_1_31_Snow Day

Yes, folks, those are my feet in my slippers in front of my computer at my house!


Because it’s a SNOW DAY!

The day I wrote this blog post just happened to be a snow day at Publishers Clearing House. With 10 inches of the white stuff on the ground, temperatures hovering in the single digits, and major highways shut down on Long Island, I received an automated call at 6:23 in the morning telling me that the PCH offices were closed for the day, but employees were expected to do as much work as they could at home. So ready for action at 8:40 AM, I logged on to the computer, bid a virtual good morning via email to the writers and graphic designers who work in my hallway, and got to work. And, boy, was it productive! I gobbled down my lunch so I could write this blog. While my husband took charge of the snow blower and my children nestled themselves in front of the TV, I had a great day of work in my comfy slippers!

My PCH colleague, Amanda C., was able to enjoy her snow day favorites while getting her work done. She says: “I woke up bright and early and helped my dad shovel our driveway for what seemed like forever! One and a half hours later, we ran inside to be welcomed by French toast and hot chocolate from my mom — two of my ultimate snow day favorites!”

I do believe Edwin the Owl, PCHSearch&Win’s mascot, hung out with his pal the Great Snowy Owl today!

SW_1_31_Edwin Snow Day Favorites

If you live in the northern part of the United States (and lately, the southern part as well, with the strange weather we’re having), you may be lucky enough to enjoy a snow day, too. And, what’s the best way to make the most of a snow day? PCHSearch&Win!

PCHSearch&Win could offer you a blizzard of winning opportunities and an avalanche of awesome information. With your first search of the day after logging on, you’ll be entered to win the life-changing PCH SuperPrize … as well as a flurry of other cool prizes like home appliances, gift cards and cold, hard cash. So, drift on over to PCHSearch&Win and search for information like this …

– Find out what is the largest recorded snowfall in your city or state.

– Search for a comforting soup recipe.

– Learn where you can get a good deal on a snow shovel or snow blower.

– Check out the temperature in Puerto Rico. Better yet, check out the plane fares to Puerto Rico.

The possibilities are endless with PCHSearch&Win! And maybe … just maybe … the next thing that could fall from the sky for you might be MONEY if the Prize Patrol comes your way!

Happy Snow Day & Happy Searching,

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Do you like the snow? Comment below!


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