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Hello Searchers,

Do you know what next Friday is? Well, I’ll give you a few hints. Next Friday is all about yummy candy, beautiful flowers, pink and red hearts and of course — spreading some LOVE!

Do you give up yet? Well, it’s VALENTINE’S DAY of course!

Valentine’s Day comes around every year on February 14th and reminds us all to show the people we really care about just how much we love them! While I think it’s important to show our friends, families and significant others how much we love them everyday, it’s especially important to show them the love on this nationally celebrated holiday!

So PCH fans how do YOU show your love? Do you go out to a fancy dinner with family or friends? Maybe it is a romantic date night with your significant other? Or, maybe you show your love with some delicious chocolates and a bouquet of roses?

No matter how you celebrate, the stores are filled with dozens and dozens of gifts, cards and delicious treats! My favorites growing up were those little sweet and tangy conversation hearts, which were always stuffed into the little red gift bag full of treats my Dad gave me every year!

With all these fun treats and gifts to choose from, how do you find the ones that are just right for your loved ones? Well no fear, PCHSearch&Win is here to help you find the best gift ideas this Valentine’s Day.

While pretty red roses and creamy chocolates will bring smiles to your loved ones faces, stray from the “traditional” gifts and get creative this year with some fun new ideas and ways to celebrate!

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My boyfriend and I like to be creative on Valentine’s Day and think “out of the box” for our celebrations and gifts. While we will still do go out somewhere nice for dinner, we always try to do something that’s unique to us. Last year instead of the traditional red roses, he sent a beautiful bouquet of colorful tulips (which are one of my favorite flowers) right here to my office at PCH! I can’t wait to see what he thinks of this year!

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PCHSearch&Win also has some great ideas for handmade gifts and affordable date night ideas! In one of my searches, I found a great article called “11 ideas For Valentine’s Day on A Budget” which had fantastic, fun ways to enjoy the holiday without spending a ton of cash! Some of the ideas like setting up a fancy dinner at home versus going out, making a memory box and personalizing a gift like a photo frame were so creative and unique! What could be better than a great gift at an affordable price?

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So PCH fans, log on now to PCHSearch&Win and get inspired with some super creative ideas! Not only will you find ways to make this Valentine’s Day one to remember, you can also instantly win some super cool prizes just by searching!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Victoria C.
PCH Creative

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