How To Use PCHsearch&win ̶ 5 Easy Steps

How To Use PCHsearch&win  ̶  5 Easy Steps
You search online every day to find information you need. But why just search when you could search and win prizes for it? PCHsearch&win  is a search engine with the winning tradition of Publishers Clearing House! We’re going to explain how to use it right now!SW_2_26_S&W Logo

At PCHsearch&win, you could win instant prizes, like gift cards and cash,  just for doing something you already do — searching the web! Searching could even make you a PCH Millionaire! It’s so easy!
❶ Go to  and start by signing in or registering an account.

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❷Next, type what you’re interested in into the search bar, and click “Search” to get your results.

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Looking for a new recipe to try out for dinner? Need to look up movie times? Want to learn more about your favorite writer or artist? PCHsearch&win can provide you with the information you need!
❸ Voila! Your search results! Not only do you get a selection of great search results, but searching also gets you a daily entry for a PCH SuperPrize and chances to win instant prizes throughout the day.

SW_2_26_How to use PCH Search & Win

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❹  Just a friendly reminder, only click the web page that looks like it will provide you with the information you are looking for.  Additional clicks won’t help you win. Check out our Do’s and Don’ts page for further clarification on how to get the most out of PCHsearch&win.

SW_2_26_Search&Win Do's and Dont's

❺ Repeat! Use PCHsearch&win for all your searching needs and you’ll get instant win opportunities throughout the day. It’s that simple! New winners are announced every day! Search now and you could be next!

Happy Searching!
Elaina R. and Ashley N.
PCH Online Creative


P.S. We hope this overview on how to use PCHsearch&win was helpful and that you continue to use it for all your web searches. What do you like to search for? Let us know in the comments section below.

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