Spring Is Near — Celebrate With PCHSearch&Win’s Prize Fest!

Hurray! We’ve made it through the grueling month of February, and it’s time to usher in the month of March. Can spring be far behind? I’d say that’s cause for celebration!

I just did some research on the month of March (right here on PCHSearch&Win, of course!) and discovered some amazing facts. Did you know that the month of March was named for Mars, the Roman god of war? His month, Martius, began the season for both farming and warfare, celebrated with festivals held in his honor during the month.

What else happens in the month of March? I can tell you that it holds a host of things to celebrate, including Save a Spider Day … Self-Injury Awareness Day … Saint Patrick’s Day … International Women’s Day … National Reading Day … spring training for Major League Baseball … and of course The Ides of March. And just in case anyone is interested, it just so happens to be my birthday month, too!

PCHSearch&Win Prizefest

That’s why I love the month of March. It’s just full of fun surprises. And speaking of surprises, I say we start the month off right for all of you devoted searchers with some exciting prizes! That’s right, it’s time for a whole new PCHSearch&Win Prize Fest —your chance to win incredible instant prizes every single day just by logging in and doing what you normally do, so be sure to get in on all of the fun and excitement!

Just take a look at these exciting prizes we’ve got in store for all of you PCHSearch&Win fans!

 Today, March 3rd: FIFTEEN lucky searchers will win CVS Gift Cards!

CVS Gift Card

Tuesday, March 4th: FIVE winners of a $100 Sports Authority Gift Card!

Sports Authority Gift Card

Wednesday, March 5th: WINNER EVERY HOUR! Searchers could win an Amazon Gift Card, $50.00 Cash or $100.00 Cash! Plus, starting at 7 PM, we’ll be awarding other cash prizes EVERY15 MINUTES!

Winner every hour

Thursday, March 6th: ONE lucky searcher will win a Wii System!


Friday, March 7th: ONE winner of a $500 Home Depot Gift Card!

Home Depot Gift Card

Saturday, March 8th: ONE lucky searcher will win a DELL Laptop!

Dell Laptop

Sunday, March 9th: ONE winner of $1,000.00 cash!

$1,000 Cash

Wow! That’s a lot of cash and awesome prizes! My advice is to log in and keep on searching for all you need to know. Maybe you can start looking into that summer vacation  … get gardening tips … ideas for home improvement projects … whatever it is you need answers for, and you could become one of our lucky winners. Go for your chance to win instant win prizes every day this week! Best of luck!

Jane M.

PCH Creative

33 thoughts on “Spring Is Near — Celebrate With PCHSearch&Win’s Prize Fest!”

  1. Going to give it a try hope to win trying out a better way to search going to keep it simplified and not go in at it racking my brain trying to win if i am to win it will be to happen going to go try to win now all have a great day .

  2. Kanika Loeung says:

    I try to play to be win.

  3. Donna Oliver says:

    aww I dont know about save a spider day, but, I really do love baseball. And, Happy Birthday to you Jane, I hope you enjoy it. March is a great month, lion and lamb you know. well I would love to win a game or a laptop. or anything for my daughter. that would be just great.I will just keep trying.

  4. N. Espada says:

    Happy month birthday Jane!…I always enter, and I will continue to do it even I win yeay!

  5. carolinejinks says:

    I want to win a millionaire making PCH super prize please

  6. Natasha Davis says:

    Good Morning Jane and thank you for a winning blog. I am in it to win it and I will be searching everyday. I am looking forward to have a summer vacation if I win the PCH sweeps. I can picture myself now at a beach with my family woohoo … I feel it in my future =). Thanks again and good luck everyone =)

  7. Mrs. A.T. says:

    Hi! Happy Birthday! This month also holds my Wedding Anniversary and one of my childrens birthdays! Yes Spring is near, but not here! 76 degrees yesterday, and today at 9am it will be 29!! Spring fever hits until I watch the weather report, and poof the air is out of that balloon!! I can smile though, knowing it is coming! Then I’ll be complaining about bugs, and blisters from gardening,… ahh, I love it!! 🙂

  8. quitta says:

    I hope I win something I use the search engine everyday 🙂

  9. Kanika Loeung says:

    There are my favorite things.

  10. Darius Thomlinson says:

    Its all about LUCK! Goodness Gracious

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