“Nobody Wins in Oklahoma”?? James Walker says “HA!”

HELLO, you wonderful PCHSearch&Win friends out there!

Now that the dust has settled a bit, just wanted to clue you in on our newest PCH millionaire  – Mr. James Walker of Newalla, Oklahoma!

Just last Saturday, February 28th, members of our Prize Patrol “Elite Team,” Dave Sayer, Todd Sloane and Danielle Lam, surprised Mr. Walker and his wife Sandy with a “Big Check” for $1,000,000 (One Million Dollars).


Since then, the Walkers’ phone has been ringing off the hook with congratulations from friends and family. He’s even gotten cynical wisecracks about “Nobody ever wins in Oklahoma.” Well Mr. Walker has certainly set THEM straight!

But up till now, it hasn’t been all balloons and roses for James Walker.  He’s survived serious illness and has a LOT of folks he looks out for: his wife, children and a flock of grandchildren.  He told us something that so many of our winners have said, that he wants to share his good fortune with the folks he cares about!

That is so beautiful. I’ve always noticed that our PCH winners tend to be people who look out for others –– and who never give up.  James is a case in point: he entered our Sweeps every chance he got –– “every night,” he said –– and just look how his determination paid off!

Believe it: lots of real people like James Walker really HAVE become PCH Millionaires ––  in Oklahoma, Florida, New Jersey, Arizona, Ontario, Idaho, Louisiana, and MANY, MANY other places –– boy, our Prize Patrol Elite Team has covered a LOT of territory!

SW_3_7_People do win in Oklahoma

So … what about YOU, my dear PCHSearch&Win Blog readers? Don’t you want to join the ranks of all our happy winners – of over $250 Million in prizes so far?

 Why not be a true PCH believer, like Oklahoma’s James Walker? He’ll tell you that real people really DO win in Oklahoma – so why not in your own home state or province, too??

Mr. Walker’s strategy was to enter every day. So make visiting us at PCHSearch&Win part of your daily routine, like fixing dinner or setting the alarm clock.  If you’re like me, you “Google” stuff all the time. Well, when you login and “surf” with us, you get the same great search results –– AND your first search of the day will fire up an entry into our Sweepstakes.

Hey –– how about giving us a “shout out” and tell us what a wonderful home-grown PCH millionaire YOU would be.  Just jot something down in the “Comments” section below.

But make sure you search something on PCHSearch&Win, to get in your daily Sweeps entry and help make dreams come true!

Stay well,

Marybeth H.

Creative Dept.

P.S. If you haven’t seen James Walker’s winning moment, watch this video now!


29 thoughts on ““Nobody Wins in Oklahoma”?? James Walker says “HA!””

  1. says:

    oh yes i want to win

  2. says:

    Disable Veteran struggling from day to day

  3. says:

    I can’t walk at all I have a broken left foot i’am confined to my power chair

  4. Ron G. says:

    I”am hopeful one day I will win the $1Million dollars but I don’t know if i well ever win I’am a Disable Veteran struggling from day to day trying to figure out how to come up with some money to pay all my bills and depths I only have have .85cents left in my bank account I can’t walk at all I have a broken left foot i’am confined to my power chair I don’t believe in luck because I have never won a thing in my life I have played over 57years i have reach on my tokens 6,789,586 tokens my Question is does ##PCH## ever check on how many tokens a person has an is there any prizes involved I want to know if ##PCH## looks into this?

  5. patricia says:

    Congrats to James and his family.To the Prize Patrole: well gas up your van because the next big winner will be from SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS. Cant wait to meet ya’ll.

    Love and best wishes

  6. Tameka says:

    I am happy that a real person did win. But the games on the site suck. you spend all your time playing the games watching same commercials over and over waste more time and then nothing. Lets see the next big winner from Kansas that’s me.

  7. Crystal Laduron says:

    Congradulations mr. Walker I’m excited for you enjoy it for the rest of your life.maybe one day my dream will come true for me and my family ” isnt god great” with love The Laduron family!!!!

  8. Pch ….can I meet the prize prize patrol ?!?!! Pleeeaaassssseeeeee with a cherry on top!!! It would be sooooo AWESOME TO BE SURPRISED WITH MY FAMILY AND MEDICAL COMMUNITY , AND I STAY BY captiol and gov. Mansion ,ALSO TO GREAT CHURCHS, WE COUld all celebrate and rejoice together

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