You Don’t Need the Luck of the Irish … Because It’s Prizefest!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, my PCHSearch&Win Friends!


Today is the day when, no matter what your background, everyone becomes Irish … so while you’re wearin’ the green, why not be thinking of rolling in it, too!

How can you get a shot at a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Easy! By doing your web searches at PCHSearch&Win!

PCHSearch&Win is powered by some of the top search engines out there – like Google and Yahoo – with one big difference: when you log in and search with us, you could win terrific instant prizes – and there are no lucky leprechauns or 4-leaf clovers involved!

So, here – Gosh and Begorrah! – are the splendid instant prizes up for grabs all week long!

• Today 3/17: Get ready for shopping because TEN lucky searchers can win $25.00 J.C. Penney Gift Cards! (Buying something green, perhaps?)

• Tuesday 3/18: ONE fortunate individual will win a $500.00 Travelocity Gift Card! (Hmmm, planning a trip to Ireland?)

• Wednesday 3/19: Wow! We just won’t stop giving things away on this day … FIVE $100.00 Best Buy Gift Cards … ONE Dell Laptop … FIVE $100.000 HSN Gift Cards … TWENTY $25.00 Cash Prizes … and FIVE $100.00 Sears Gift Cards! Now, that’s a St. Paddy’s parade of prizes!

• Thursday 3/20: TWENTY-FIVE lucky searchers will win $20.00 Barnes & Noble Gift Cards! (Find books on Ireland at PCHSearch&Win!)

• Friday 3/21: FIVE $100.000 HSN Gift Cards are there for the winning! Will one of them be yours?

• Saturday 3/22: We’re giving away FIVE $150 Gift Cards! Someone will grab some great deals!

• Sunday 3/23: Are you ready to have some fun? FIVE lucky searchers will win $50.00 Gift Cards!

Edwin has the Luck of the Irish

So, visit PCHSearch&Win right now – and search for great ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Remember, searching gives you chances to win FABULOUS INSTANT PRIZES!

Debbie K.
PCH Creative

P.S. Do you believe in lucky charms – like a 4-leaf clover or perhaps a rabbit’s foot? Comment below!


44 thoughts on “You Don’t Need the Luck of the Irish … Because It’s Prizefest!”

  1. says:

    I believe in 4-lead Clover

  2. MADGE VIRGO says:

    Yes I believe in 4-lead Clover. My kuck should be here any minute now.

  3. MADGE VIRGO says:

    I am a lucky person at the draw of a hat-

  4. says:

    Do you believe in lucky charms

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