Spring Has Sprung! Celebrate With Instant Win Prizes!

Greetings Searchers!

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining (hopefully!) and it may finally be time to kiss winter goodbye! We are now in the last full week of March, and happily it looks like Spring has finally sprung!


While the official first day of Spring for 2014 was on March 20th, we’re celebrating right now because today marks the first official Monday of the new season! So searchers, can anyone guess why Monday is such an exciting day? Well, I can give you a hint – prizes, prizes and more PRIZES! Give up yet? That’s right! It’s PRIZEFEST of course! The best day of the week where we announce our incredible new lineup of INSTANT WIN prizes at PCHSearch&Win!

Instant Win Prizes

Personally I can’t think of a better way to roll into a new season than with some winning! So while we all celebrate our “Spring Fever,” let’s take a look at all the goodies you can win this week by logging in and searching with PCHSearch&Win!

• Monday 3/24: Tired of that bland looking winter wardrobe? Well, today we are giving away (5) $50 TJ Maxx gift cards! Shopping spree anyone?

Tuesday 3/25: Today is a HUGE winning day! So while everything outside is FINALLY starting to turn a bit green, you can make some green of your own because there will be cash and gift card winners all day long!

Wednesday 3/26: If you weren’t one of our big winners yesterday don’t worry! Today we’re giving away more “green” with the chance to win one of (10) $50 cash prizes!

Thursday 3/27: Everyone will be “green with envy” at today’s lucky winner! We’re giving away one big $500 cash prize!

Friday 3/28: Get excited! Today (10) $25 cash prizes are up for grabs!

Saturday 3/29: All that spring-cleaning works up quite an appetite! Looking for a fun meal idea with friends or family? We have (10) $25 Olive Garden gift cards to give away to our lucky winners today!

Sunday 3/30: Hungry for more winning? Today (10) lucky winners will receive a $25 McDonald’s gift card!

So there we have it PCH fans! Visit PCHSearch&Win right now  for all your searching needs! Don’t forget to search for some fun Springtime activities, recipes and more!

Good Luck!

Victoria C.

PCH Creative

P.S. – What is your favorite thing about Springtime? Comment below and let us know!

129 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung! Celebrate With Instant Win Prizes!”

  1. says:

    Carla Michelle Antee

  2. says:

    I want to win 10 Olive gift cards I now they are up for grabs

  3. Yes Carla Michelle Antee CBS Winning Moments

  4. carla m Antee says:

    Yes 25.00 gift card

  5. carlamantee says:

    Beautiful spring is here

  6. I want to win 10 Olive gift cards I now they are up for grabs and $5,000,00 a week forever on the 27th but that prize has already been given away GWY #3080 and $5,000.00 cash exclusive from Todd Slone GWY 5375 MY WEEKEND SNEAK PEEK

  7. MaryPhillips,I Do,I Do!Iwanttowin says:

    I want to win Instant cash prize for publishers cLearing house#PCH GAMES# LOVE MY GAMES

  8. I was not aware of this page with all the wonderful prizes
    that PCH has to offer and it is on a daily basis.

    Thank you PCH for your generosity and all that work it
    takes to put it together.

  9. I enjoy spring because the beautiful sunny days and all the Bar-Be-que days that takes place with family and friends.
    So many outside activities that
    can be enjoy by everyone.

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