Latest PCH Prize Patrol Deputy Gets Her Dream Job!

Hey PCH Friends!

For many of us who work here at Publishers Clearing House, this is a dream job! While we can’t win amazing prizes, we already feel like we’ve hit the jackpot being able to give out millions of dollars every year to the best fans in the world!

Today I’d like to give you a peek behind the scenes here at PCH, and introduce you to one of our newest recruits! You may have seen other posts with her before, but this is your first chance to REALLY get to know our newest Prize Patrol deputy, Dillon!


Matt: Hey Dillon! Thanks for doing this interview. First, how long have you been with Publishers Clearing House?

Dillon: Thanks for having me! I’ve been at PCH for about three months now!

Matt: Do you remember when you first heard about Publishers Clearing House? What did you think of the sweepstakes?

Dillon: I remember hearing about the company and the sweepstakes in passing when I was younger, but never thought much about it. I wasn’t sure if it was the real deal at first, but now I know it’s as real as can be!

Matt: Working for Publishers Clearing House sounds like a lot of fun. What do you do in the office?

Dillon: It has really been an awesome experience thus far. I do a wide range of things in the office like create social media content for our fans, write for the PCH blog, run test results, engage in prize fulfillment, create company-wide promotional memos and so on!

Matt: Tell us a bit about yourself! What are your interests and hobbies?

Dillon: I’m a pretty easygoing girl who loves to spend time with family and friends. I’ve always had a passion for music, food, fashion and animals! My favorite thing to do is take my friends out on my boat in the summer and end the day with a beach BBQ! Honestly, what’s better than that?


Matt: We’d love to know what your first Prize Patrol deputy experience was like!

Dillon: My first Prize Patrol experience was a great one! There’s just a certain rush you get when you know that you are about to change someone’s life! There’s an incredible amount of build up and preparation for this one moment where you get to hand somebody a check. It’s really unexplainable and I truly had a great time traveling with Danielle.

Matt: What is it like working with the Prize Patrol Elite team — Todd, Dave and Danielle?

Dillon: The Prize Patrol Elite team is so great! Each one of them holds a unique flair within the Prize Patrol team. I haven’t worked too closely with Todd and Dave on the road yet, but I look forward to future trips with the whole Prize Patrol Elite team!

Matt: If you could say one thing to our PCH friends who enter, what would it be?

Dillon: I truly wish the best of luck to all PCH friends out there! Your loyalty and support is what keeps this company going. Always keep the faith that one day YOU could become the winner of something BIG! You never know if you don’t try! Thanks again, and I look forward to interacting with all the PCH fans more closely.

Thanks for your time, Dillon! And thanks everyone for reading this interview!

-Matt K.

PCH Creative

P.S. Having been out on Prize Patrol myself, I can tell you that it is quite the experience! If you were a Prize Patrol deputy, what do you think your reaction would be to giving people life changing awards? Tell us in the comments below!

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    Black and proud of it. Every race is proud of theirselves and hopefully have love in the heart for everyone. We are all God’s children no matter what color or race. We will be judged by the same God and hopefully our heart shows love for everyone that has been a part of our pass life. I pray everyday mine will reflect the love for God and people who have been a part of my life.

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