Too much Black Friday? Come WIN with us at PCHSearch&Win!


Hello, hello, my dear online chums ….

If last week’s sales have you feeling a bit, well, spent down, all the cool FREE Prizes up for grabs at PCHSearch&Win should definitely cheer you up.  Because here, it’s all about giving YOU instant prizes, not taking anything out of your poor, tired wallet.

Every day, every week, all year ‘round, we’ve got terrific “loot” piled up for the winning – just for smart people like you who do their Web searches at at PCHSearch&Win.

So go ahead … log on with PCHSearch&Win and search for recipes, store hours, how-to videos, movie schedules, sales, the news, the weather — any and all of the Web look-ups you do every day.  Any search could pay off instantly in an awesome instant prize – cash, gift cards and high-end electronics.

In fact, here’s a “preview” of all the prizes we will definitely award this week to PCHSearch&Win searchers:

Monday, Nov. 28th –– Ten $50 Omaha Steak Gift Cards

Tuesday, Nov. 29th –– $250 Cash to Pay Your Bills

Wednesday, Nov. 30th  –– Ten $50 Cash Prizes and, after 7:00 PM, a Cash Winner Every 15 Minutes

Thursday, Dec. 1st  –– $500 Cash to Pay Your Bills

Friday, Dec. 2nd  –– Six $75 Cash Prizes

Saturday, Dec. 3rd  –– $500 Dell Gift Card

Sunday, Dec. 4th –– 25 Amazon Gift Cards

Listen, if I had chances to win these free prizes just for doing what I have to do every day anyway –– look up answers on the Internet –– I would definitely make PCHSearch&Win my computer’s home page.  Alas, as a PCH employee, I cannot!

And never ever forget that when you log on and do your first search of the day with us, you also activate an entry into our huge Sweepstakes.


So! Have I convinced you? Good!

Where will you search from now on? YES! Really, our name says it all. Why just search when you can Search&Win? 

P.S. Check out some of last week’s winners!


Great talking to you!

28 thoughts on “Too much Black Friday? Come WIN with us at PCHSearch&Win!”

  1. mustaque hossain says:

    pchsearch & win i search claim my prize number enter to win $7,000.00 a week for life pch gwy #11000 please accept on today entry. i want to win prize event on 27th April … thank you pch

  2. Betty says:

    I have entered and bought several items yet you keep telling me to enter or forfeit my prizes…I don’t know what else to do….I never win anything sooooo…but if I do I will be able to move close to my family and grandchildren… Mother passed this passed Sept. and I need to be close to my family

    1. PCH Staff PCH Staff says:

      Hi Betty, yhe promotions that you received indicates that the SuperPrize Number from that particular entry will be forfeited only if that entry is not completed. All previous entries will remain valid for the draw until the giveaway deadline has passed and you will not be removed from the sweepstakes even if you do not complete this entry. Every time you process an entry, your name is issued an extra SuperPrize Number. You are not obligated to enter all of the promotions sent.

  3. Edward Fitzgerald says:


  4. Cindy Gliva says:

    Good Morning I am doubling up on my Entry for Lotto! I am just making sure my Entry is in! Thank you very much!!!!

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