Celebrate The Season With Instant Win Prizes From PCHSearch&Win!

The countdown is on, folks! In just over a week we’ll be celebrating the holidays AND the first official day of Winter. Even though the temperatures dip and the days get shorter, there is something so magical about this time of year. Friends and families come together to celebrate, exchange gifts and enjoy delicious foods! Now, imagine becoming a winner from PCH on top of all this? Talk about exciting! Well, I’m happy to tell you that it’s time to celebrate the season with INSTANT win prizes from PCHSearch&Win!


Instant win, you may ask? Is this really true? The answer is, of course, YES! Your holiday season may just get a little brighter if you are the winner of one of our amazing prizes.  So blast that holiday music, pour a cup of your favorite warm beverage and get ready to find out what you could win this week!

Monday 12/12: Too cold for outdoor activities? Never fear! A movie night could be in your future with the (10) $25 Regal gift cards we have to give away today.

Tuesday 12/13: Need some extra green this holiday season? Today we’re giving away (10) $50 cash prizes!

Wednesday 12/14: The holiday season can be rough on your wallet! Today could be your lucky day because we have cash winners every 15 minutes all day long!

Thursday 12/15:  Feeling lucky today? We have such a great variety of gift cards to give away! Starting at 12AM we’ll have (3) $500 Walmart gift cards, 11AM (10) $50 Target gift cards, 2PM (4) $250 Amazon.com gift cards, 5PM (20) $25 cash and from 8PM (5) $50 Dell gift cards.

Friday 12/16: Shop ‘til you drop! Today we have (10) $25 FTD gift cards up for grabs.

Saturday 12/17: Last minute holiday shopping? We’ve got you covered with one of the (10) $25 Walmart gift cards we’re giving away.

Sunday 12/18: Tired of trekking out into the cold to do your shopping? Shop from the comfort of your couch with one of the (25) $10 Amazon.com gift cards we’ve got today!

So fans, which of these AMAZING prizes excites you most? Nothing adds joy to the holiday season like winning JUST for searching with PCHSearch&Win! It’s so easy to get started. Head on over to your smartphone, tablet or desktop and log in. Once you start searching you could INSTANTLY win of the spectacular prizes we have here AND your first search of the day automatically enters you into the fabulous PCH Sweepstakes.

Good Luck & Happy Searching!

Victoria P.
PCH Creative

P.S. Check out some of last week’s winners!



124 thoughts on “Celebrate The Season With Instant Win Prizes From PCHSearch&Win!”

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  2. Maheshchandra Trivedi says:

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  3. Akiro.Joseph says:

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