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Too much Black Friday? Come WIN with us at PCHSearch&Win!


Hello, hello, my dear online chums ….

If last week’s sales have you feeling a bit, well, spent down, all the cool FREE Prizes up for grabs at PCHSearch&Win should definitely cheer you up.  Because here, it’s all about giving YOU instant prizes, not taking anything out of your poor, tired wallet.

Every day, every week, all year ‘round, we’ve got terrific “loot” piled up for the winning – just for smart people like you who do their Web searches at at PCHSearch&Win.

So go ahead … log on with PCHSearch&Win and search for recipes, store hours, how-to videos, movie schedules, sales, the news, the weather — any and all of the Web look-ups you do every day.  Any search could pay off instantly in an awesome instant prize – cash, gift cards and high-end electronics.

In fact, here’s a “preview” of all the prizes we will definitely award this week to PCHSearch&Win searchers:

Monday, Nov. 28th –– Ten $50 Omaha Steak Gift Cards

Tuesday, Nov. 29th –– $250 Cash to Pay Your Bills

Wednesday, Nov. 30th  –– Ten $50 Cash Prizes and, after 7:00 PM, a Cash Winner Every 15 Minutes

Thursday, Dec. 1st  –– $500 Cash to Pay Your Bills

Friday, Dec. 2nd  –– Six $75 Cash Prizes

Saturday, Dec. 3rd  –– $500 Dell Gift Card

Sunday, Dec. 4th –– 25 Amazon Gift Cards

Listen, if I had chances to win these free prizes just for doing what I have to do every day anyway –– look up answers on the Internet –– I would definitely make PCHSearch&Win my computer’s home page.  Alas, as a PCH employee, I cannot!

And never ever forget that when you log on and do your first search of the day with us, you also activate an entry into our huge Sweepstakes.


So! Have I convinced you? Good!

Where will you search from now on? YES! Really, our name says it all. Why just search when you can Search&Win? 

P.S. Check out some of last week’s winners!


Great talking to you!

A Reason To Give Thanks: Go For PCH Prizes All Week at PCHSearch&Win!


Thanksgiving is this Thursday! I’m so excited to spend some time quality time with my family, watch a few football games, and eat delicious food all day!

What’s your favorite dish to eat on Thanksgiving Day? Turkey? Stuffing? Mashed potatoes? How about all three with gravy on top of ALL of them? My favorite part of the Thanksgiving meal is DEFINITELY dessert; apple pie, pumpkin pie, and blueberry pie… all with whipped cream on top! Yum! Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Now, here’s something to be thankful for… it’s Prizefest, which means instant-win PCH prizes WILL be awarded over at PCHSearch&Win this week. With your first search of the day after logging in, you could receive instant win prizes… and you will gain entry into the life-changing PCH Superprize!

Make sure to search at PCHSearch&Win all week to ensure that you could win these prizes… that way, you could relax after eating your Thanksgiving meal, instead of worrying about Black Friday deals…

Monday, November 21st:
You could start your week off on the right foot by receiving one of (10) $50 Walmart Gift Cards!

Tuesday, November 22nd:
A terrific Tuesday is coming up this week…  and these instant win prizes will be awarded throughout the day!

(3) $500 Walmart Gift Cards
(10) $50 Target Gift Cards
(4) $250 Amazon Gift Cards
(20) $25 Cash
(5) $50 Dell Gift Cards

Wednesday, November 23rd:
This Thanksgiving Eve, you could reel in one of these (5) $50 Bass Pro Shop Gift Cards!

Plus, we bet you could use some extra cash before the long weekend… on Wednesday, there will be a Cash Winner every 15 minutes starting at 7:00 PM!

Thursday, November 24th:
This Thanksgiving, you could become even more thankful if you win a $500 Del Gift Card!

Friday, November 25th:
Need some extra cash for your Black Friday shopping? This Friday, you could receive a $250 CASH PRIZE!

Saturday, November 26th:
Ready to discover some new music this weekend? We’re offering (10) $30 Pandora Gift Cards!

Sunday, November 27th:
After spending all week cooking and prepping for the big Thanksgiving meal, it’d be nice to relax and order pizza! With one of these (20) $10 Papa John’s Gift Cards, you could essentially receive free food!

We hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving! If you have any unique, traditional, or original Thanksgiving recipes that you’d like to share, we’d love to hear all about them in the comments section below! And if you’re looking for new and exciting recipes for YOUR kitchen, feel free to search at PCHSearch&Win to discover great recipes that will impress your family members this week!

Nicole M.
PCH Creative

The Holiday Season Is Here! Use PCHSearch&Win to Go for This Week’s PCH Prizes!

It seems as though this year has been FLYING BY! We’re so close to the holiday season – but hey, I’m not complaining! The holidays are the most special time of year. Spending quality time with family, gift giving and receiving, oh, and the food just keeps on comin’!

You know what else keeps on comin’? PCH’s Prizefest week, where YOU have the opportunity to log on to PCHSearch&Win, search for things that interest you, and get an entry into winning these spectacular prizes!


We love when our fans use PCHSsearch&Win as their one-stop-shop for all their searching needs – but we also love that we get to give you the chance to win cool PCH prizes while you use it! Can you name any other search engine that does THAT!? But that’s not all – with your first search of the day after logging in, you’ll be entered to win the huge PCH SuperPrize!

So listen up folks! This week you have the chance to win:


Monday, 11/14: Help jumpstart your holiday shopping list by winning some cash! There will be cash winners all day long!

Tuesday, 11/15: Looking for some great cold-weather garments for an inexpensive price? Well, 10 people will win $50 Target Gift Cards!

Wednesday, 11/16: You can bring some flowers to whomever is hosting the holidays if YOU are one of 10 winners to receive a $25 FTD Gift Card! Plus, there will be cash winners every 15 minutes all day long!

Thursday, 11/17: There will be 10 lucky winners who get a $25 Walmart Gift Card!

Friday, 11/18: 25 winners will win $10 Gift Cards to treat themselves to an early present!

Saturday, 11/19: 5 more winners will receive $25 Target Gift Cards!

And last but not least, Sunday, 11/20: Another 10 winners will get $25 FTD Gift Cards just in time for the holidays!

I am so excited that you all get the chance to win these wonderful PCH prizes! All of these opportunities are perfect for this time of year, when holiday shopping and gift giving can get quite stressful. We hope that you all enjoy and take advantage of PCHSearch&Win  … and we wish you luck in winning these free prizes!


Dillon S.
Promotion Development




Use PCHSearch&Win for Your Election Searches & You Could Win Cash!


After a long and exhaustive election season, this week our country will name a winner of the Presidential Race to the White House. But that’s not the only winning announcement… We’ll also be naming instant winners at PCHSearch&Win — all week long!

That’s right. It’s Prizefest today, so we’re letting all of our friends know they could win cash prizes and gift cards by searching! Check out what’s at stake this week:

Monday, 11/7: We’re kicking off this week by awarding 5 $50.00 gift cards. Search and you could win instantly!

Tuesday, 11/8: Don’t you want one of these 5 $100.00 Overstock Gift Cards? Who wouldn’t! Search for your shot.

Wednesday, 11/9: Score! Not only are we going to give away 7 $75 Dell gift cards, but every 15 minutes throughout the day, one lucky searchers will win Cash, too! Be sure to search with us if you want to become one of those winners.

Thursday, 11/10: Today new guaranteed instant prizes will be released all day long! We’ll award 3 $500 Walmart gift cards, 10 $50.00 Target gift cards, 4 $250.00 Amazon gift, 20 $25.00 Cash Prizes and 5 $50.00 Dell gift cards. Why not go for them all?

Friday, 11/11: See the date? Make a wish! And search for your chance to win a $50.00 Target Gift Card. 10 are up for grabs!

Saturday, 11/12: Like movies? Good! Today you can try for one of 10 $25.00 Regal gift cards!

Sunday, 11/13: And to end the week, more searchers WILL WIN CASH — 10 $50.00 Cash Prizes are at stake!

How often do you plan on using the Internet this week?  With the election ending, Thanksgiving coming up and all those Holiday shopping sales after that, I’m guessing you’ll have plenty to search about. Now, why would you use other search engines for your web surfing, when you could win cash and great gift cards everyday by searching with PCHSearch&Win!

We love rewarding our dedicated fans, which is why we promise to award all the prizes above. But you could only win cash and gift cards with us if you search. So be sure to log on and do all your web searching with PCHSearch&Win!

Joe W.
Publishers Clearing House


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