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Don’t Know What To Search For?

EDWIN SAYS: Search Around The Clock – with PCHSearch&Win!

Don't know what to search for

Hey, gang … how are you all today?

It’s ME, EdWIN – your cute PCHSearch&Win mascot. (Well, Aunt Meg thinks I’m cute.)

HOOO-boy, do we give out a lot of prizes here at Search&Win! Cash, gift cards, laptops – all flying out the door 24/7.  HEY! Don’t you want to win with us too?

Here’s all you do: whenever you need to look up something on the Internet, log in and look it up at PCHSearch&WinNOT those other gigantic, everyone-uses-them search engines. You won’t win any PCH prizes from them!

Search at PCHSearch&Win, get the same great search results – PLUS you could win an instant prize any time you log in and search. How cool is that?

Don’t know what to search for? Well, that’s easy! Exactly what you ALWAYS search for!  I mean real stuff, now – not just typing in “prizes” and “pch” and “million dollars,” etc.

Here’s what you could – and probably already do – search for, morning till night:

Search in the AM

Weather and traffic reports … the morning’s headlines … your horoscope … the scoop on the show you missed last night … that airfare you’ve been “tracking” … the crazy puppy video your pal told you about – smoothie recipes – know what I mean?

Then, before you know it, it’s …

Search at lunch

The menu at that diner you’ve been meaning to try … the “points” in the tasty lunch you’ve eaten … visiting hours at the hospital … the library’s closing time … driving directions to your friend’s sister’s house … the score at your college team’s game last night – real everyday searches.  Then, a few hours later …

Search in the afternoon

The flyer at your favorite supermarket …  evening hours at the hair salon … food coupons to download … recipe ideas for last night’s leftovers … what’s playing at  the local theater … whether those gorgeous boots are still on sale … any and all of the info you usually search for!

And before you know it, it’s …

Search at night

Craft ideas … how to rewire your lamp … vacation deals …  Biblical quotes … the bus schedule for Saturday … song lyrics … tomorrow’s weather … the evening headlines … that ridiculous puppy video again.  Anything!

No matter what you’re looking for, you’ll find out all about it with PCHSearch&Win – and any search, at any time of day, could make you a winner.

Log on and do your first search of the day and you’re “in” with an entry into our fabulous Sweepstakes! (Wow: that could win you $5,000 A Week “Forever” next month! Remember, we’ll definitely be awarding this prize, which pays $5,000 a week for a winner’s life, plus after that, $5,000 a week for the lifetime of someone the winner chooses!)

Hey! Why not tell us all what YOU search for during the day? We could all use your great search ideas – so jot ‘em down in the “Comments” section below!

And now, I must fly …

Hooooo loves ya, baby??

The PCHSearch&Win Mascot

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