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The Holiday Season Is Here! Use PCHSearch&Win to Go for This Week’s PCH Prizes!

It seems as though this year has been FLYING BY! We’re so close to the holiday season – but hey, I’m not complaining! The holidays are the most special time of year. Spending quality time with family, gift giving and receiving, oh, and the food just keeps on comin’!

You know what else keeps on comin’? PCH’s Prizefest week, where YOU have the opportunity to log on to PCHSearch&Win, search for things that interest you, and get an entry into winning these spectacular prizes!


We love when our fans use PCHSsearch&Win as their one-stop-shop for all their searching needs – but we also love that we get to give you the chance to win cool PCH prizes while you use it! Can you name any other search engine that does THAT!? But that’s not all – with your first search of the day after logging in, you’ll be entered to win the huge PCH SuperPrize!

So listen up folks! This week you have the chance to win:


Monday, 11/14: Help jumpstart your holiday shopping list by winning some cash! There will be cash winners all day long!

Tuesday, 11/15: Looking for some great cold-weather garments for an inexpensive price? Well, 10 people will win $50 Target Gift Cards!

Wednesday, 11/16: You can bring some flowers to whomever is hosting the holidays if YOU are one of 10 winners to receive a $25 FTD Gift Card! Plus, there will be cash winners every 15 minutes all day long!

Thursday, 11/17: There will be 10 lucky winners who get a $25 Walmart Gift Card!

Friday, 11/18: 25 winners will win $10 Gift Cards to treat themselves to an early present!

Saturday, 11/19: 5 more winners will receive $25 Target Gift Cards!

And last but not least, Sunday, 11/20: Another 10 winners will get $25 FTD Gift Cards just in time for the holidays!

I am so excited that you all get the chance to win these wonderful PCH prizes! All of these opportunities are perfect for this time of year, when holiday shopping and gift giving can get quite stressful. We hope that you all enjoy and take advantage of PCHSearch&Win  … and we wish you luck in winning these free prizes!


Dillon S.
Promotion Development




Laurie Aragon Gets A SuperPrize Surprise!

Prize Patrol

This is a heartwarming win for sure! Laurie Aragon of Farmington, New Mexico wasn’t expecting a knock on her door from the Prize Patrol on the morning of December 30th, but BOY did she get one! Laurie was our December 30th SuperPrize winner of a whopping $1,000,000.00. Now that’s a lot of zeros!

This win came just in time for Laurie in more ways than one! Being that 2015 was coming to a close, you can imagine what a woman in financial distress would want more than anything — financial freedom, of course! And Laurie told us she could really use the help. You see, Laurie is an unemployed mother of 3 and grandmother of 2. And this money practically saved her family’s life! In fact, while the Prize Patrol was at Laurie’s house for her SuperPrize surprise, the electric company actually showed up to give her a shut off notice. Can you imagine that? Now that she’s got her $1 Million SuperPrize, Laurie doesn’t have to worry anymore about how she’s going to pay all those bills!


When the Prize Patrol presented Laurie with the PCH Big Check, she was practically speechless! Laurie exclaimed “I’M SO HAPPY!” with a big smile on her face. She even gave the Prize Patrol hugs while thanking them for coming! Laurie said she plans to pay bills first, and then go on a much needed vacation. WOW – talk about timing! Watch the exciting winning moment right here:



I don’t know about you, but I just LOVE watching special winning moments like these, especially when the winner REALLY needs the money (like Laurie did!) We wish Laurie and her family years and years of happiness, peace of mind and prosperity.

Are you ready for a SuperPrize surprise of your own? If so, give it your all and enter for a chance to win big just like Laurie! Remember, once you log on, your first search of the day, every day, at PCHSearch&Win will activate an entry for the big SuperPrize! And this time, we’re GUARANTEED to award a truly incredible, legacy-making prize: $5,000 A Week “Forever”. If you win, you’d receive $5,000 every single week for your life, plus after that, $5,000 a week for the life of someone you love. So go on, and SEARCH RIGHT NOW! You never know – our next winner could be YOU!

Dillon H.
Promotion Development

Who’s Winning At PCHSearch&Win This November?

Hello PCHSearch&Win fans! It’s that time again when we answer the question: Whos winning at PCHSearch&Win. The answer: lots and lots of lucky searchers!

Every month I have the opportunity to reach out to some of our happy instant winners and ask them about their winning experience … including what they plan to do with their prize. I’ve heard all sorts of answers from pay bills to buy new shoes! Mind you, there is no right or wrong answer to this question – winners can use their prizes as they please! However, it was so heartwarming to hear from instant winner Miranda S. of Franklin, Ohio who is using her prize to help children in need this holiday season.

Says Miranda, When I discovered that I won $100 I was very surprised and excited! I almost didnt believe it! My husband is a former U.S. Marine and we are very dedicated to helping with Toys For Tots. I will use the $100 to go towards toys for our donation this year! Im excited this money will allow me to help a little more than usual.

A photo of Miranda and her husband taken on their 11th anniversary.

A photo of Miranda and her husband taken on their 11th anniversary.

Congratulations, Miranda! Here are even more of our lucky PCHSearch&Win instant winners.

Who’s Winning At PCHSearch&Win This November?


That’s a lot of winners! And the list goes on and on. What would you do if you searched and won instantly from PCHSearch&Win? Do your web searching at PCHSearch&Win and you could find out!

Good luck!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

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Dear PCHSearch&Win fans,

There is no better time to say THANK YOU than Thanksgiving. And because we at Publishers Clearing House are so thankful for you, our fans, on this Thanksgiving day, we wish you nothing but peace, good health and much happiness.

If you’re reading this blog today, we’d like to know: how are you celebrating and what are you thankful for? Comment below and share your story with us, your PCH family!

Then, once you’ve had your fill of cranberry, stuffing, and pumpkin pie, remember that there’s lots you can search for this holiday. Need some ideas?

  1. How about some new pants? Just kidding, of course! But seriously, if you’re feeling so stuffed that new stretchy pants sound like a dream come true – why not start your search there?
  2. Or if you’ve still got an appetite, why not search for what to do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers? From paninis to soups and salads, you’d be surprised with all you can with a little (or A LOT) of turkey!
  3. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming! Have you checked out what stores are offering the best deals yet? Whether you’ve got your eye on electronics, jewelry, or clothing, there’s sure to be some pretty amazing sales.

OK, time for me to get back to the turkey! Once again, Happy Thanksgiving everyone – and best wishes to you and yours!

Amanda C.
PCH Creative

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