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  1. Hi Pch…. I hope I will win $ 7,000.00 a week for life this time … I have been entering since 1993 til now! I have never give up.. I kept my faith will happen to me one day to win! Thank you and have a wonderful week then!

  2. I think my entry is incomplete but I do not understand why. My envelopes to PCH are mostly mailed within a few days, and often the next day. I have made a number of purchases, (I do understand that a purchase is not necessary in order to win and at this time I am waiting to receive invoices for over $100.00 in purchases in order for me send payment. My best guess is that all who enter would, very much as I would, very much want to be a winner for PCH’s Life time Sweepstakes. I know I would be ecstatic. I just don’t know what it is that I am not completing in order to compete. Respectfully, V. Fox

  3. Hi..have quest.when u come winner show ur name and adress is da true patrol van come show at ur house date they talk u. That true