Publishers Clearing House Photo Gallery


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  1. I really want to win public Clearing House Lotto Powerball everybody that it’s not fake day and night to see if I can win.i can pay off all my bills. Maybe I’ll get lucky August 31st.

  2. Who was the winner of the 2 million plus 10k a week for life? I thought it would be announced on the site on June 30th?

  3. Hi Dee Ann! I’m sorry to hear that you think PCH is rigged, but PCH is the real! We’ve awarded over $315 Million to people all over the US and Canada. Our giveaway on June 30, 2017 was one of our Special Early Look events. Since the winning SuperPrize number was not returned, our second chance drawing went into effect. If the winning number is not returned during any of these special events, then the promoted prize is guaranteed to be awarded on the end date for this giveaway. Check out this FAQ for more info about these special events:

  4. I am really disappointed. My husband will never let me live all this. I was sure I would be meeting all of you.