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  1. I want to win I’ve played these games alot for a long time and don’t win everyone in California texas Arizona Florida south Carolina. But no one in Pennsylvania and i live in Pennsylvania. Even new York new jersey won what about a poor woman in Reading Pennsylvania

  2. I am wanting to get blessed with the super prize. My family is in need. I’m tired of suffering and watching my kids do the same. I hope and pray the Lord blesses us with his gift. Amen

  3. I want to win at pch make my dreams come true I want to win $15million summer superprize”gwy8800 August 31 event. GOD HEAR MY PRAYER” I’m ready to win” and be at the pch hall of fame thank you pch!

  4. Hi danille. This is Roscoe .m i should like superprize winner on aug 31 2017..i waiting forward patrol prize coming knock the my door..i just pray pray…i need help my mobley family and feed for all homeless food …god bless to world sister and brother.

    1. Hi Constance! Thanks a million for your support for so many years! We really value our loyal fans like yourself. Don’t give up trying because you’ll never know who we’ll surprise next. Only one person can win each giveaway and we do receive millions of entries, but I’d like to remind you that every entry has the same fair chance of winning. I encourage you to enter as often as you can for your chance at becoming our next big winner. There are multiple ways to do so. Click here to see them all: Good luck to you and everyone who enters!!

  5. I would like to wish everyone Good Luck on August 31,2017.. I’ve been playing since 1981 right out of high school, have not won anything as of yet.. but I’m still a believer that one day it will happen … So if not me maybe one of you all. Again, Good Luck . Anita