Yes, Real People Really Win At PCHlotto!

Here’s the Prize Patrol with Tyrone who won $10,000.00 in August!

Hi Play&Win Fans,

You know from our TV commercials that real people win the big Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes. But, have you ever wondered if anyone ever wins from our family of Play&Win sites — PCHgames, PCHslots or PCHlotto? Of course they do!

Just a few days ago, I got the chance to talk to winner Tyrone Garvin of Brooklyn who learned firsthand that picking numbers at PCHlotto can be life-changing (as well as fun!) when the Prize Patrol showed up at his door with a “Big Check” for $10,000.00! Here’s my interview with him!

Elaina: The Prize Patrol visited you back in August. Now, over a month later, how do you reflect on that experience? What was the most exciting part?

Tyrone: I was quite surprised, I didn’t know what the game was that I won from until later. I was excited, but quite nervous! Receiving the actual check that very moment when the Prize Patrol came was the best part to me.

Elaina: I read that you were going to put the money in a college fund for your daughter. How does it make you feel to be able to do that?

Tyrone: I felt great investing in my daughter’s future. It’s part of her survival.

Elaina: Did your daughter end up convincing you to use any of your winnings to splurge on something else? If so, what?

Tyrone: Yeah, actually it’s a tool for research when she does her homework — an iPad.

Elaina: What do you like most about PCHlotto?

Tyrone: The diversity of games. And how many chances there are to win.

Elaina: Do you interact with any of our other games online at PCH?

Tyrone: Oh yeah, a variety. Mostly casino games and instant win games. And of course, I enter the big PCH Sweepstakes!

Elaina: What did you tell your friends about Publishers Clearing House?

Tyrone: A lot of them didn’t believe in PCH, but seeing my winning moment on YouTube, and the PCH Fan Page on Facebook, convinced them that there is truth in the sweepstakes.

Here’s Tyrone with his daughter — his winnings went towards her college education.

I hope Tyrone’s winning moment convinced you, too, that real people really do win at PCHlotto and our other play & win sites! Give them a try now, and maybe we’ll be featuring YOU as a winner in an upcoming blog.

Have fun!

Elaina R.
PCH Online Creative

67 thoughts on “Yes, Real People Really Win At PCHlotto!”

  1. Jerry says:

    So where are the winners comments only see the ones who haven’t won

  2. Kim says:

    If you win the PCH lotto how do they contact you?

  3. Mike says:

    Tired of playing and not winning. I think PCH should be investigated.

  4. I thought that the people in your ads are Actors?
    I don’t know what URL is?

  5. James Carder says:

    I have been playing since the early 90’s and haven’t won any thing yet, I also cash in mypoints that I have won from the and still cannot win.I am getting discouraged and thinking about stopping my cashing in my tokens

  6. G.Fernandez says:

    G.Fernandez (wiLLy)- I wuz just wondering if peoples really win, don’t get me wrong I really want to win I just really like the game there pretty fun. I just want to let everyOne know dont stress, it seems everyone stress out. Just think of it this, Where blessed just to have a chance to Be iN it. I understand what everyone going threw like having money
    Trouble. And sO and sO..U guys are not the only one.So if dont win try nOT to let it upset u, JUST HAVE FAITH GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME Even if we dont win. GOOD LUCK EVERY O yah thanks PCH & STAFF for this opportunity .

  7. Al Tired says:

    I’ve been playing too for a while and haven’t won anything. I recently got out of the military and am suffering from ptsd and Depression, as well as I take care of my mother and 2 year old nephew. I’ve been unemployed for year and I can’t take it anymore. I’ve tried these praying I win but I get nothing everytime. Smh I’m ready to give up on life. Playing these is nothing but a high hopes raising disappointment.

    1. Kathy says:

      Life is a gift and far more precious than money. Please try to focus on what you now have and your potential. Money cannot bring you happiness … only you can for happiness is a state of mind controlled and developed by YOU!

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