How Can You Play & Win At PCHgames? Let Me Count The Ways…

Okay, I’ll admit itplaying at PCHgames keeps me up way past my bedtime. “Just one more round,” I tell myself, and before I know it, it’s 2AM. There are just so many ways to play & win instant cash and prizes, I want to try them all! Even though I can’t win myself, playing is still so much fun!

But YOU CAN WIN! So I hope you’re taking advantage of all the prize-winning opportunities you can! You don’t even have to be good at playing games – all you need is a winning attitude!

So just how many ways can you play & win at PCHgames? Let me count the ways…

Want to win $1,000.00 instantly? How about $10 Million with our new Bonus Entry opportunity? Head over to PCHgames and sign up for a FREE account, or sign in if you already have one. Then click “Play Now” above the “log in” field to get started on three exciting instant-win games: Sunken Treasures, Mah Jongg Moolah AND Blackjack Bonanza. You could win up to $1,000.00 instantly! Play through all three games and collect a BONUS opportunity to win $10 Million! YOWZAH! PLUS you’ll unlock 2x tokens on every game you play! That’s double your token payouts ALL DAY!

Want more instant-win games? Complete your Daily Instant-Win Checklist for further prize-winning opportunities, like Jigsaw Deluxe, which gives you a daily chance to win $500.00!

Want a chance to win CASH? Bingo Party delivers everything you love about Bingo, with real-time multiplayer action and a chance to win a $250 CASH JACKPOT, PLUS big token payouts!

Want to rack up 2x, 5x, even 10x tokens? Check out the Events page to keep track of upcoming Token Events, and Today’s Features to stay on top of tournament news, new game announcements, and more! The best part is cash and tokens are up for grabs every day — so you’ll want to get in on the action!

Want even MORE prize-winning opportunities? Redeem your tokens at PCHgames for sweepstakes entries! You could win gift cards for top department stores such as Target, brand-name eateries like Dunkin’ Donuts, and gift codes for online shopping at sites such as Different prizes are offered each month, so come back often to see what’s new. Remember, the more you play, the more tokens you accumulate — and the more chances to win you can trade them for!

Big token payouts, instant cash and prizes, a $10 Million bonus opportunity, plus token payouts so you can earn chances to win while playing your favorite games — WOW! There sure are A LOT of ways to play & win at PCHgames — and the great thing is it’s all absolutely FREE! Which one is YOUR favorite?

I’m simply gaga for PCHgames. Start playing now, and you will be, too!

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

32 thoughts on “How Can You Play & Win At PCHgames? Let Me Count The Ways…”

  1. Yolanda Bentley says:

    God has looked out for me and my family.. although we struggle with disabilities and have to borrow a car to go to food pantries, HE makes a way where there seems no way and for That, I am so greatful. I believe God will bless us with a winning to finally move out of this tiny one bedroom apartment into A REAL HOME.

  2. Douglas Rogers says:

    Douglas Rogers I’m trying to double-up on Win For Life $5,000 price thank you winning number 6900

  3. Paula M says:

    I want to win and I know someday I will have a knock upon my door with a PCH van sitting in my yard. I have persevered in my entering for a very long time now.Since 1987 until this moment. While contest 4900 was active I just knew they were coming to my house. My not so nice, ex-husband’s new wife promptly sent me papers that i’d had since entering way back then! I know one of two things will happen 1. I will win or 2.die trying. I just love tri-peaks RUSH~ ~ become upset with myself when I have a bad game or my pup wants to go out to play. While you were in the process of delivering 4900 someone really complained, I found that to be sad rather than being happy for the winner. Almost like the wizzard I know i will I know I will…..perhaps 6900.

  4. Joyce H. says:

    Hi, I am ready to win, I know that it is real, so I am waiting for the knock on my door.

  5. Pch I want to double up on 2x for $100.00 and $7,000.00 a week for life. This offer is outstanding I couldn’t pass it up. I play games every day for a chance to win. God has been good to me and my family I hope he continues to Bless us. We give thanks to God every day.

  6. Michaela G. says:

    Thanks Joyce W., for a wonderful blog and yes, I play and enter everyday in hopes all my dreams come true by winning (#4900) prize from PCH!!!

  7. you know I need the money for my health a house,the kids and Church,so have a heart

  8. Dawn Settles says:

    I play all the time, but when I played today, the “Claw” picked up a money bag then dropped it. The claw NEVER dropped a gift box, but dropped the money bag. I received 200 tokens. Does that sound right?

  9. ioneellis says:

    I want to win let’s play again again again PCH sweepstakes I am your fan

  10. Ok people,It’s my time to win this time. You’r next time is coming.

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