Pathians…Just One Of The Free Online Card Games At PCHGames!

Let Down Your Hair And Play Now!

It should come as no surprise that free online card games are among the favorites on PCHGames — they’re some of our favorites too! I mean who doesn’t like a good card game? There’s just something about them that takes us back to summer vacations and the first card games we learned to play as kids. Ahhh, when we were young. What was the first card game you remember learning to play?

So, when it came time to add new games at PCHGames, it seemed only natural to choose…what else…a card game! And I’m so glad that card game was Pathians!

What’s Pathians, you ask? A new twist on classic solitaire, that just so happens to be set in medieval times. Cool, right?

While a lot of free online card games take a ‘classic’ or ‘traditional’ route of having a play area that’s framed with a casino or table gaming setting, we think it’s fun to “let down your hair” a bit and play something a little different. Plus, the fairy tale theme was kind of at home with the Kings and Queens of the card deck, don’t you think?

At first, Pathians was set up so that players could play infinitely — you know, round after round… after round… (you get the idea) until you lost. But we didn’t like that. We felt it wasn’t a good way to “wrap-up” the session, so we capped the game at 10 levels. This allows you to play until you have earned all of the crests and titles! Score!

So blog readers, what do you think about Pathians? Have you let down YOUR hair and played it yet? C’mon, what are you waiting for? As an incentive to play, I’ll even share a few tips to help you get a high score!

Winning Tips:

  • · For more points, select as many cards in a series as possible.
  • · Remember, with no time limit, there’s no rush. Plan your moves very carefully.
  • · Work away from the jokers and save them for when you are truly stuck.
  • · Any isolated card can be moved to a more advantageous position.
  • · Build the largest chain of cards as soon as you can — This will permanently increase the number of points you receive!

Good luck and happy gaming!

Greg L.
Junior Game Designer

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