PCH Prize Patrol Makes Special Delivery to PCHLotto Winner!

On Tuesday, October 9th, Danielle and I hopped on a very early flight to Chicago. Why? Well it was time for another special delivery! This winner, Susan Benson, won $50,000 from PCHlotto. That makes her the second big PCHlotto winner in only a few months.

This prize delivery could not have gone smoother. We made it to the local florist ahead of schedule. Inside, the florists were thrilled that someone in their area had won. They didn’t hesitate to check out all of the PCH Prize Patrol winning moment videos on www.PCHTV.com — in fact, they started watching while we were still IN the store! I love proving that PCH is real as we make our way to winners on prize deliveries!

Here’s Danielle with some of the staff at Susan’s local florist!

Then it was on to Susan’s house. Susan lives about an hour outside Chicago, in a small town called Lindenhurst. Standing outside her apartment complex, Danielle searched for Susan’s name on the mailbox, and then buzzed up to the right apartment. “Yes, who is this?” asked a voice. “Hi, I’m with UPS – could you come down and sign for a package?” asked Danielle. I loved this sneaky idea to draw Susan out of her apartment, but still keep the surprise intact!

When Susan descended the stairs and saw the crowd in front of her door — Danielle with the check, me with the balloons and roses, our cameraman, plus local media — she was clearly shocked! We were definitely not UPS, but we sure did have a special delivery!

As Danielle presented Susan with her Big Check for $50,000, Susan exclaimed: “It’s a lifesaver!” Susan has been unemployed for some time, and two of her three children are in college, so the money could definitely be put to some good use.

Danielle and I with Susan, the $50,000.00 PCHLotto winner!

Susan’s husband was also home but was asleep during the initial surprise. She ran back up to her apartment and brought him down so he could have his own version of a Publishers Clearing House winning moment. John joked that he must still be asleep and dreaming. Well, Susan made sure to pinch him a few times to prove that yes, this was really happening!

Susan and her husband enjoying their Big Check!

My favorite part of this special delivery was that at the very moment we buzzed up to her apartment, Susan was actually on PCHLotto! What an amazing coincidence! She told us she just loves the free scratch cards!

So who knows…maybe the next time YOU are enjoying one of our free Play & Win sites like PCHLotto, you could get a special delivery of your very own from the PCH Prize Patrol!

Laura Wolfe @ PCH

P.S. For the first time ever, the $1.25 Million Jackpot at PCHLotto is GUARANTEED to be awarded by 12/12/12! Enter today and we could be surprising YOU next!

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