Sneak Peek At PCH’s New Free Online Bingo — Instant Bingo!


Bingo lovers, have we got a surprise for you! In the coming weeks, Play&Win will be launching an exciting new Web site — the latest way to win big money  with Publishers Clearing House. It’s called PCH Instant Bingo, and though I can’t give away everything yet, here’s a sneak peek!

Just like regular Bingo and some free online Bingo, PCH Play&Win’s online PCH Instant Bingo will offer you the chance to win CASH! But unlike normal Bingo, which uses balls in cages to call the numbers, with Instant Bingo the numbers are drawn at random and the card is marked for you. It’s faster, cleaner (no messy dabbing), and human error-free. Not to mention FREE in a very important way — you never have to pay to play! Your virtual wallet stays closed, and that’s good for your actual wallet! (I love “FREE,” don’t you?)

You know what else is good for your wallet? Winning cash! And with PCH Instant Bingo, there are multiple ways to do just that!  I can’t reveal ALL of them right now, but I will tell you about my personal favorite…


What’s that? Well every day you play, you could collect J-A-C-K-P-O-T letters. And if you collect all the letters over the course of a week, you could win the progressive jackpot…anywhere from $1,000.00 to $5,000.00! Whoa big money!

PCH Instant Bingo will be launching in just a few weeks, so if free online Bingo is your “thing-o,” keep checking back here at the PCH Play & Win Blog for all the latest!

I’m looking forward to it — hope you are, too!

Joyce W.
PCH Online Creative

P.S. TOURNAMENT REMINDER: Today is the PCHgames Klondike Solitaire Gold Tournament! Go play now… you could win up to $1,000.00! And remember — two random tournament winners will also get $150.00 each just for playing!

44 thoughts on “Sneak Peek At PCH’s New Free Online Bingo — Instant Bingo!”

  1. Gerald conley says:

    It let me play said I won jokes on me or is joke on them I want CLAIM my prize do CLAIM ……

  2. linda sturrock says:

    if you read up above it tells you it is coming soon ,on a new web site , just read above

  3. Whats going on with Instant Bingo, not able to get into sight.

  4. Sharon says:

    Instant bingo and Casino slots isn’t working for me neither. I would click on the report and it sends me to the slots games. Black jack is working for me

  5. Michael H. says:

    BlackJack and Bingo are both not working for me either for 2 straight days now…

  6. Joni Markle says:

    There is no way to enter the instant bingo game.The blackjack game is not working and it is not allowing the game to progress to the bingo game. Please fix this.

  7. shirley peck says:

    did you stop instant bingo ? all I needed was the big o what happened to bingo?

  8. Has anyone received the letter “O” in the Instant Bingo Game.

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