7 Reasons To Be Thankful This November At PCHlotto!

This November there are SO many reasons to be thankful at PCHlotto! Read along as we count the ways…

Reason 1: Play Today And Tomorrow You Could Be A Millionaire!

You could soon become a $1.25 Million Jackpot Event winner! It’s easy to play. Just pick 8 numbers or click “Quick Pick” and we’ll select the numbers for you. Best yet, the $1,250,000.00 Jackpot is guaranteed to be awarded by 12/12/12! Officials are searching for a winner every night. NO ENTRY is wasted. And if no one wins the prize by December 6, EVERYONE who has submitted an entry to date will be eligible to win in our “Second Chance” drawing where a winner is GUARANTEED!

 Reason 2: Cash in With Our Lotto Live Events!

The GUARANTEED PRIZE opportunities don’t stop there. In November you’ll get two Lotto Live Events that could put HUGE CASH PRIZES in your pocket in just weeks.

First, you could win $2,999.00 cash when we draw a winner live on November 13th! Play today and every day (link here), up until November 12 (11:59 PM, ET), to get as many cash prize entries as possible. Second, in just weeks you could also win $1,550.00 cash when we draw a winner on November 29th. Play every day until November 28 (11:59 PM, ET), to acquire every entry possible to make you a BIG CASH PRIZE winner. I know what I would do with all that cash! Buy a big HDTV — and then a comfortable recliner to sit in! How would YOU spend a $2,999.00 or $1,550.00 cash prize?

Stuff Your Turkey … With Cash … This November!

You don’t think we’re done giving you reasons to be thankful this November, do you? Just wait until you see the other fun, cash powered cards we have waiting for you this month:

Reason 3: $10,000.00 Cash Talkin’ Turkey nightly drawing

Reason 4: $700.00 Cash Stuffed Turkey Event. Enter every day all month until November 30th (11:59 PM, ET)

Reason 5: The Falling Green INSTANT WIN Scratch Card — $5,000.00 in cash prizes awarded every month — GUARANTEED! Enter from 11/1 until 11/18 (11:59 PM, ET)

Reason 6: Black Friday — Green Instant Win Scratch Card — Visit PCHlotto every day from November 19th to November 30th to play and go for BIG CASH MONEY!

Reason 7: Rake In The Cash — Pick four numbers and you could win up to $500.00 cash with our Progressive Jackpot nightly drawing

So there you have it folks! Not 1, not 2, but 7 reasons to be thankful this November, and they’re all at PCHlotto! How much do YOU dream about winning? Make sure you visit PCHlotto each and every day (link here) to claim every opportunity to win HUGE CASH PRIZES and even a millionaire-making $1.25 Million!

Wishing you PCHlotto luck,

Elliott M.

P.S. Remember a few weeks ago we showed you a “Sneak Peek” at the 1.25 Million PCHlotto Jackpot Shoot? Well we told you then that we’d have more web commercials to show you, and we do! Click on this link to watch the next one! And let us know what YOU think by commenting below!

15 thoughts on “7 Reasons To Be Thankful This November At PCHlotto!”

  1. Billie Day says:

    Please, Please, Please!!!!! I would Love to win and need to Win!! I’ve been trying for 35 years, so please pull a miracle or dream out for Me <3 <3 <3

  2. eric sliva says:

    pch has so many great sweepstakes i would love to win but since im on ssi as my only source of income i cant win the smaller ones because they only harm my standing with the government and my ssi income…thusly any small winnings i would be forced to turn all of it over to the government…
    but if i did win one of the big ones that can retire you financially for life
    i hope its the biggest one then so i can finacially care for my mom who lives in the arizona desert due to her emphazima by paying her rent and utilities and other living expences for the rest of her life and also pay for my fathers expences who lives in kansas and now is suffering from parkinsons while seeing that my boys attend private school and have a big enough trust when they become men that they can do whatever they like and not have to worry about money….
    for me thats what i would spend/give the main portion of the money to/for…
    i would by myself a new vehicle since my just broke down again…lol..and i would find a better place to live…but i would actually keep only at max 130 grand to live on till my boys eventually move out on their own…im 48 and disabled and have custody of my 11 and 9 year old boys so they come first as does their futures…but i was brought up to also care about the family so i will also use the winnings to care for my parents and also my sister and 2 nieces…then if there is enough after all that i would then look towards local charities that have helped me and my church and their cuases….
    if i won the million a year for life…i would never see a million of it…my boys would since i would see to it that by the time they graduate high school they would have at least a million each in trust for them to live on while attending college….im a simple man who doesnt need much…but does want a lot for those who i truely care about aqnd cannot give due to my physical state..it would be the greatest thing in my life next to my boys being born seeing them knocking on my door saying im the big winner…i would then be able to truely provide for my boys and care for my family..and that would make me the richest man alive…and o ewhole lot of fears and worries would be lifted…and yes a whole new set of issues and problems would arise…lol..but those are just problems that wise financing and money…lol..can solve…and those problems are no where close to the fears and worries i have on a daily basis as i get older and am physically and thusly finacially unable to solve due to my physical state…and if i do win i will miss the medical benifits i get but its worth it seeing and knowing everyone close to me is cared for till the day they die…and the longer i can survive the better because i sure would love knowing that i also was able to secure a finascial future for my future grand kids when my boys have a family someday…but just like everyone else its only a dream and all we can do is play and hope…its up to pch as to whos dream comes true…and i would be lying if i didnt wish it was me they choose to make my dreams come true…but also if it wasnt me…i sure do hope its someone like me that then wins instead…and that someday they do choose me…because i do really want to secure my boys finacial futures and make it finacially easier for the rest of my family before i die…because i dont want to die knowing the only thing i did was help create two great boys but left them nothing but what i could teach them in a world thats worse off then when i was born….because that would leave me feeling i failed them and it hurts me knowing i cant do the things i want to do because of my finacial state and my physical state…it sucks….plain and simple…so i pray and wish i become the big winner….
    and now they added 2 more big new sweepstakes…lol…
    1 million plus 5000 a week for life plus 5000 a week for life and 1000 a week for life to whom ever you choose…lol…
    that last one would be great if i had only 1 child…lol…but 2 only creates trouble in the end…
    i would love to see 1 million a year tax free for life plus who ever after that but be allowed to add more then one if i like so they can split the 1 million…if they came out with that kind of sweepstakes winnings i bet everyone would be playing then just 1.25 billion lol… but to all those who are in the running for the big sweepstakes good luck and god bless…

  3. taylor reed says:

    so, who one any of the thanksgiving scratch offs?

  4. Teresa Borzymowska says:


  5. carrie goguen` says:

    i can never my numbers so i do quick pick. i would give my family the christmas they never had and so much more. also a house and donate some!!

  6. Mary Molina says:

    I enjoy the possiability of winning @ PCH sweeps and games.. The anticipation,Participation the presentation of your mailings are most interesting as well as inviting. Thank you for the opportunity and excitement you have provided…. mmokcok

  7. i have not been able to play games for two weeks. The system is all mixed up. Is this a deliberate sobatage by PCH?????
    Up unitl 2 weeks ago I played pch lotto daily and most of the time the slots games. lately I can do neither. I think it’s sabotage.

    1. Jussie At PCH Jussie At PCH says:

      Gracie, can you please try clearing your cookies and your cache and trying again? Thanks!

  8. Kanika Loeung says:

    I’d like to enjoying with PCHlotto, that is my favorite activity daily!

  9. Lauralee Hensley says:

    I really like the new commercial and hoping that the 1.25 million will be awarded to me. Just wondering if they have a cash option instead of a payout over time for this prize. If they had a cash option which I know would only be a percentage of the bigger prize, I’d probably take that. Then hopefully after taxes, tithe, amount of social security we’d have to pay back of my husbands, then hopefully we’d have enough left to pay off our house and own it free and clear. It’s crazy to be this old and not own your house outright. It’s even crazier doing it on a fixed income with all the prices on everything rising around us. Ahh, such is life for many, many people, so I’m not really complaining, just an observation. I know it’s random chance to win big from PCH, I’m just hoping that good randomness will rub off on me this time. LOL, well hope is not a bad thing, well not unless it keeps you from doing the things that need to be done to provide or do for yourself and your family. I mean if you had hope that money would grow on your tree and all you did was sit there and stare at your tree waiting for it to happen, well nothing productive would ever happen in your life. So, though I hope I win, I still get on with life.

  10. Mrs. A.T. says:

    Hi! Okay, so I dream ALOT about winning a big prize from PCH. I can do two things at once!Haha! Luv the sneak-peaks and the chances to win. Back to dreaming!

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