Play Fander, A Favorite Online Card Game At PCHgames!

Play Fander, A Favorite Online Card Game At PCHgames!

Just a few weeks ago I told you all about how we came up with the PCHgames online card game Pathians. Well now I’m back to share with you our story for another popular card game at PCHgames, Fander ! Our work with Fander began at about the same time Pathians, but they are very different games! While both are played with standard card game rules of following suit or face value, they each have their own unique and fun twists.

 My favorite twist with Fander? Definitely the music! If you’ve never played it with your speakers or headphones on, you have to check it out! It’s just so soothing, and something you definitely don’t normally hear with card games!

Another favorite? The Fander frog, of course! We here at PCHgames can often get attached to the characters in our games, but the Fander frog is definitely one of my favorites. He’s just such a cool little dude! Don’t you think? What kind of characters would YOU like to see in future PCHgames?

What I also love about Fander is the atmosphere of the game — especially the stone and water backdrop and all the lily pads! I’m telling you, you’ve never seen an online card game quite like this!

If all that isn’t enough to convince you to head over to PCHgames and start playing Fander right now, here are some “winning” tips that will help you MAXIMIZE your score!

Winning Tips for Fander:

  •  Moving cards from pile to pile subtracts from your overall total score. Don’t feel you have to click a card just because it has a green outline.
  • You will get bonus points for shuffling less.
  • Work with one suit for as long as you can. You’ll get a score bonus for adding 5 or more cards in a single run.
  • Try to clear the board without shuffling – it’s another great way to earn bonus points!

Good luck and happy gaming!

Greg L.
Junior Game Designer

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    What is the name of the background music?

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