Greg’s Game Tips For Strategy Games On PCHGames!

Hey there gamers!

We’ve heard from many of you that—although you love playing games at PCHgames,  you really need to maximize your play experience every time you get a chance to sit down and play. Well what better way to maximize your gaming experience than with a whole bunch of game tips to get a better score and earn more tokens? And what better place to give you all that than right here on the Play&Win blog!

The first game category we’ll be looking at is the ever-popular Strategy Games.  We have so many awesome strategy games, that this is definitely going to take more than one blog! But we’ll be looking at a few of the favorites today. Here we go!

1)5 Roll

a. Where you place your scores is almost more important than what dice you hold and which ones you throw. The highest scoring regions are in the bottom half of the score sheet. Always try to make one of these combinations, because you will miss out on a lot more points if you put a 0 in the 3 of a kind spot, instead of the ones spot

b. Always use your Chance row before you’re forced to take a zero.


2)      Find-O-Vision

a. Before you begin looking, read the item list. Your subconscious may pick out something in the picture from the list you may not actively be looking for.
b. If time is winding down, use those hints!
c.Keep playing! Although the items you’re looking for may change, many of the channels repeat.

3)      Galactic Gems

a.Work from top to bottom. You’ll get plenty of power-ups and chances to get the lower gray blocks removed, but there’s no telling what you can anticipate coming in from the top.

b. Can’t reach that swirl gem to wipe out all matching pieces? You can still trigger it by exploding it with a bomb or other power-up!


4)      Jolly Jong 2 

a. If you have to shuffle your tiles, do it before the last few moves of the level. It’s possible to move a tile to block its match.
b. High Score mode is the fastest way to earn tokens. Be on the lookout for matching Hourglass tiles to extend your session!

5)      Treasure Hunt

a. If you’re looking to make a match 3, you can move one piece into place before making  a match. Even through you’ll lose some points at first, the positive and negative balance out. This will be sure to get you out of a bind.
b. Work at the bottom of the grid as much as possible. New pieces that come in may form matches with the treasure at the top.
WOW, all these makes are making me want to start playing!! What about you? Did you find them helpful? We sure hope so! What tricks and tips have you discovered on your own at PCHgames? Comment below and let us know.

And remember to check back at the blog for more game tips from me on strategy games!

Good luck and happy gaming!

-Greg L

Junior Game Designer

P.S. We’d love to hear what category of games you’d like to see next. Let us know in the comment section below!

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    I like to beat many games such as: Jolly Jong, Mahjongg Dark Demensions ,Monkey Gems, and many more.

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    Hi! Hints for M Dark Dimensions? I see scores in the 100,000 and 200,000 ranges. I did get in the 90,000 maybe once.:)

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