New Year…New Chances To Win Big At PCHLotto!

PCHlotto is kicking off January with “a lotto” cash and prizes for loyal Publishers Clearing House fans like you!
January features not 1, not 2, but 6 new PCHlotto cards and 1 rewarding Scratch Card that will give fans plenty of chances to win big and have fun! Here’s an exclusive insider’s look at the upcoming “winning” opportunities at PCHlotto.

Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot! Play today and you could become a millionaire tonight. It’s true. Each nightly drawing gives players like you a chance to strike it rich. Plus, the jackpot increases every time someone plays, up to $3,000,000! So, play every day and get your friends to play, too, to make that jackpot grow, GROW, GROW!

Live Cash Lotto! This PCHlotto Live Event Card gives you the chance to win BIG cash in our LIVE Event drawings. Play every day to give yourself more prize chances on drawing day. Win $1,800 in our 1/15 Live Event or you could win $1,200 in our 1/31 Live Cash Drawing! Watch the drawings live at 3:00 pm (EST).

$100.00 Sweet Daily Cash! A new cash game where a winner is guaranteed every day! Just pick 5 numbers, click the “Submit” button and you could soon have $100 cash burning a hole in your pocket! Wouldn’t it be SWEET if YOU were tonight’s cash prize WINNER?

Fast Cash Card! Play today, and you could win $5,000 Cash tonight! It could happen because every night we’ll take a look for a $5,000 cash prize winner!

2013 New Year Cash Blast! Start 2013 with $2,013 cash! You could KICKOFF the NEW YEAR with cash! Play today and every day for a chance to win big on drawing day, January 31st!

$10,000 Fast Cash! What’s the best way to “Jazz-Up” your wallet? With $10,000 cash, of course! Play the $10,000 Fast Cash card today, and tonight you could become $10,000 richer! We’ll draw winning numbers every night, so play daily and make sure you give yourself every chance to win!

WINter Cash Blast Instant Win Card! Just click the “penny” to start scratching. Match any 3 identical prizes to WIN INSTANTLY! Win Amazon Gift Cards … $50 Cash … up to $100 Cash! There are $5,000 in prizes available each month!

January brings new goals, new resolutions and new dreams. What better way to help realize some of those goals and dreams than with cash? So, visit PCHlotto now and get all these chances to win instant prizes and BIG CASH pay days! Is there a better way to start the new year off right?

Elliott M.
P.S. Now is the perfect time to inspire fellow PCH fans and to get inspired by them. Comment below to share some of your goals and resolutions for 2013!

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