Do You Like To Play Free Online Basketball? Try 3-Point Shootout!

Do you like to play free online basketball? Would you like a chance to receive cash for playing?

Perhaps it’s too late to consider a professional career, but don’t let that stop your ambitions of playing for cash – online! While it may not be the same as a pro contract, PCHGames is offering you basketball lovers a chance at winning cash just for playing in our 3 Point Shootout Tournament on January 16th.

But don’t just sit around and wait for the tournament to start. Play our “Practice Rounds” today and tomorrow to earn 10x tokens as you gear up for the big tournament. By Wednesday, you’ll be lighting up the scoreboard and, who knows, maybe even walk away with some cash to show for it.

Even if you’re not scoring every shot, you can still win big! That’s right, in this tournament (and all our tournaments!), two random participants will win cash just for playing! You don’t have to be the top scorer, all you have to do is PLAY!
Plus, don’t forget that when you’re practicing for the next two days, you’ll also be racking up tokens while you’re at it! Mastering the game in preparation for Wednesday as you watch your token count grow and grow…it’s a win-win before the tournament even begins!

Just think… the thrill and excitement of the game, the opportunity to win cash just for playing a game, all from the comfort of your computer chair, or couch, or wherever you happen to be! That’s the beauty of PCHGames! You don’t have to go far to find opportunities to win cash — in fact, you don’t have to go anywhere at all. Just playing games online gives you a chance to win prizes.

So if you like to play a basketball game online, or just want a chance to win cash, give the 3 Point Shootout a “shot” and play some practice rounds today and tomorrow. By the time the tournament begins, you’ll be a pro! And if not, remember you can still win just for playing!

Good Luck Everybody!

Nick P.
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14 thoughts on “Do You Like To Play Free Online Basketball? Try 3-Point Shootout!”

  1. Corliss Jackson says:

    Fun Game

  2. Sherry says:

    Nice games did not know I was a bad show lol

  3. MRD says:

    What has happened to the basketball game?? It’s no longer anywhere on my PCH Play to Win app. Is it gone? Please bring it back!!

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