Want Game Tips For Free Online Mahjongg Games At PCHGames?

It’s me, Greg! I’m back with my last look at the amazing strategy games at PCHGames, and I saved the best for last… the free online Mahjongg games! In case you missed it, I previously shared two blogs with game tips on all the other strategy games you can play. Here’s a link to the first blog! And here’s a link to the second!

Ok now that I got that out of the way, it’s time to focus on the good stuff…and that my friends, is all the free online mahjongg games! Here we go…

Mahjongg Dark Dimensions


  1. Work as quickly as you can to match the time bonus tiles. In some levels, there are 2 or more time bonus matches!
  2. You can use the ‘A’ and ‘D’ keys to rotate the block left and right. This will allow you to keep your mouse on the tile block and save time!

  Mahjongg Mom-Jongg




  1. When looking for a match, try to ignore all other suits. Focus on finding circles, bamboo, or numbers independently.
  2. You can match any 2 seasons, or any 2 flowers – but beware! The Dragon and Direction tiles also appear as flowers in this tile set.

 Mahjongg Age of Alchemy



  1. Move as quickly as possible to rack up points. If you feel too stuck, feel free to click for a new layout.
  2. Try to visualize the game as two separate puzzles. Golds only match gold, and silvers only match silver. When looking for a symbol, eliminate half the board before beginning your scan.
  3. Any two Process Tiles (pink on gold) or Step Tiles (pink on silver) make a pair.  Get matching!

Mahjongg Dimensions


  1. Work as quickly as possible to make multiple matches. Looking even one move ahead will allow you to pick up the Speed Match bonus.
  2. Sometimes, it pays to look ‘through’ the tile block. Sometimes you can see a match that’s on the far side!

Mahjongg Toy Chest 


  1. Matching the guitar tile will shuffle the board. Be careful to only make this match when you’re ready!
  2. You can earn bonuses for making speedy matches, or even matching chains of tile types. Try to maximize these bonuses – you’ll bank them when the puzzle is cleared!
  3. Work from the top down. The view may block some unblocked tiles!



  1. All the best hints have already been written! Play as fast as you can, and try to match 2 pair of PCH logos, seasons, stripes, or other tiles in a row for bonus points.

Hope you enjoyed these game tips for our free online mahjongg games! Be sure to try them out for yourself…and comment below to let us know how they go!

Happy gaming,

Greg L.

Junior Game Designer

P.S. Are there any other game tips you’d like to see? How about for our card games? Trivia games? Casino games? Sports games? Comment below and let me know which one you want me to write about next!


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