Ready, Set, Go! Mahjongg Toy Chest Practice Rounds Start Today!


Hi Gamers!

Are you ready? Are you set? It’s almost time give the Mahjongg Toy Chest Tournament at PCHgames a go! Practice Rounds start today, so now’s the perfect time to get in the game. In addition to getting yourself in maximum Mahjongg shape for the Tournament, there’s another reason to get started. You’ll score TEN TIMES the tokens during Practice Rounds beginning on January 23rd, all the way through Tournament Day on January 30th!

Not exactly a player extraordinaire? Not to worry! The Mahjongg Toy Chest Tournament is not just for experts! Yes, being a skilled player could put you in the top spots making you a serious contender for some of the prize payouts that PCHgames will be awarding for those who place, but even if you’re a beginner, you still have chances to win! PCHgames will give two random prizes of $150.00 each just for playing! So even if this is the very first time you’re attempting to play this terrific toy tile game, you can still walk away a winner!

That’s right! Whether you’re a real power-player or simply starting your first practice round, you have the chance to score yourself a CASH PRIZE in the Mahjongg Toy Chest Tournament!

Here’s the Prize breakdown:

  • 1st Place Grand Prize – $1,000.00!
  • 2nd Place – $500.00!
  • 3rd Place – $250.00!
  • Plus, the top three token earners will receive $100.00 each!
  • AND, two randomly selected tournament participants will receive $150.00 each!

Now it’s time to get busy with Mahjongg Toy Chest Practice Rounds and start earning yourself TEN TIMES the TOKENS per game! There’s no time to waste!

Click on this link right now. The object of the game is to match as many animated toy tiles as you can in a race against the clock. Toy tiles run the gamut from soccer balls, trains, dolls, cell phones, stars, books, guitars and lots of other colorful, eye-catching favorites. The tricky part is that the tiles you find have to be available, meaning two sides must be free and clear of other tiles. The more matches, the more points. Plus, when all the tiles have been removed, you’ll advance to the next level and can start earning even more points!


Practice Rounds start TODAY! Don’t forget, you can earn TEN TIMES THE TOKENS now through game day on January 30th! So ready, set, GO PRATICE NOW!

Good luck,

Kate M.

P.S. What was your favorite toy when you were a child? Tell us in the comments section!

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    KWeeks is a great time for you ABC 11MI5

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    Thank you for TEN TIMES! That is my favorite game coming back, I’d like to play it.

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