It Pays To Gossip About The Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot!

It pays to tell everyone you know about PCHlotto’s Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot. Why? The more people play, THE BIGGER THE PRIZE BECOMES!


No kidding. Every single play of Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot increases the jackpot amount — up to $3,000,000.00!

Now hold on. It gets better. Lots better actually. Play today and you could become our newest millionaire tonight!

No kidding. Every night there is a drawing for a new PCHlotto millionaire. So, play today and tonight’s nightly drawing could turn you into a millionaire in just hours!

Talk Is Cheap? Not When You’re Talkin’ Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot!

Why do you need to tell all your friends and family about PCHlotto’s exciting Bigger Bucks Millions Rolling Jackpot? The more people who play, the more you could win. That’s why!

Plus, if we don’t have a winner tonight, tomorrow you have another opportunity to win. And then, you can be sure the jackpot will be even bigger!


And just imagine how grateful one of your friends or family members would be if you were the reason they won a millionaire-making fortune.

How To Spread The Word And Make That Jackpot Grow, GROW, GROW!

Here’s how YOU can get people playing:

  • Yap It Up! Talk to friends and relatives. Get them to play and watch the jackpot swell!
  • “Like” and Share PCHlotto on Facebook
  • Click the “Follow us on twitter” icon found at the bottom of
  • Continue reading this PCH Play & Win Blog, then post comments. Share those blog comments on Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word

Playing Bigger Buck$ Millions Rolling Jackpot Is Easy!

Get your daily chances to win. It’s fun and easy! Here’s all you do:

  1. Visit PCHlotto every day.
  2. Pick your eight (8) numbers. (Select your own numbers or hit the “QUICK PICK” button to have your number automatically selected)
  3. Optional: Click the “Save These Numbers” Check Box if you want PCHlotto to remember your favorite numbers.
  4. Click the “Submit” button.
  5. Now play the other cards to enjoy additional prize opportunities.

Talk! Chitchat! Gossip! Palaver! Converse! Advise! Discuss!

So, what are you waiting for? SPREAD THE WORD! We’ll do our best to SPREAD THE WEALTH! It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3 — or any other PCHlotto number you might pick to play!

Wish you a Lotto Luck,

Elliott M.

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    Yes, be positive and have hope. Prize Patrol will be at my house soon on April,29. Thanks PCH GWY # 3080/3577. SW

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